RPS Partnership provides security training and consultancy services 

  • to identify and mitigate RISK 
  • prepare your PEOPLE 
  • with SOLUTIONS to work in complex, fragile, remote or hostile environments. 

We deliver high quality security consultancy, training and support to organisations working in or planning to work in existing and frontier markets. We also offer a comprehensive range of hands on training programmes and workshops to our clients across multiple market sectors. Our clients include multi national Corporations, Civil Society Organisations, Charities, NGOs, Media Networks, Government departments, Oil & Gas industry, Banking and Financial Services, Construction and Aviation industry sectors.

We operate in almost any environment from the jungles of Central America, to the plains of Africa and the fragile states in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Our clients trust us to provide end to end security solutions, so they are able to focus on the task at hand and enable their projects to run smoothly.

We are market leaders and unique in that we have a high percentage of women in our training teams. Our reputation is  founded  on listening carefully to our clients and building long lasting relationships.  We recognise  that the world is more challenging today than ever before, and we want to make a difference by providing security consultancy and training services to keep people safe and empower them to find solutions for their security problems. 

With a dedicated and highly experienced mixed gender team we deliver 

  1. Online Training for
    1. business travellers
    2.  those working in challenging, fragile and conflict affected states 
    3. journalists
  2. HET/HEAT/HEFAT Training Worldwide
  3. HET/HEAT/HEFAT Training UK
  4. Medical Training – First Aid and Advanced First Aid and Trauma Training
  5. Crisis Management Training
  6. Training of Trainers 
  7. Travel Security Workshops
  8. Security and Risk Mitigation Consultancy in the UK and worldwide

The driving force behind our work is to make sure you, your staff, executives and their families are informed and well prepared as well as keeping them safe on your projects. 

Why us?

We have a diverse and unique team of male and female consultants and trainers who not only have many years of experience but who are still travelling to hostile regions and providing security advice to our clients.


RPS Partnership provides qualified trainers who can bring training to you in UK or Worldwide.

  • The courses are specifically designed for your your staff and organisational needs
  • All our trainers hold nationally recognised UK training qualifications backed up by real-world experience of working in insecure or hostile environments.
  • We can train either mixed or single gender groups, by sending mixed-gender or single-gender consultants and/or training teams.

Our breadth and depth of experience and skill means we have the ability to be flexible enough to bring you mixed and/or single gender training by using our accomplished team of consultants and training staff. 

We ensure that we expose you to practical scenarios and simulated conditions in a controlled and educational way, balancing off learning in a classroom environment with the reality of what may occur in the field. Our training and services vary in duration from 1 day to multi day/week contact – we will always ensure you have the skills, confidence and knowledge to implement what we have worked on together. 

Consultancy Services 

The spectrum of our risk mitigation consultancy Is wide; ranging from independent security assessments of your offices and projects to security planning and contingency planning.

We can review, assess or audit your security plans. If we identify any gaps, we will provide the solutions that you need to save your business money.  To give you an idea of the breadth of our expertise, we offer analysis and assessment of sources of threat and the risks they present to your staff, operations and assets, mitigation strategies and planning, independent assessment of the most suitable locations for offices, life support camps and field deployments. We can also embed consultants in the field to assist you with your projects to ensure that your security needs are taken care of.

In the last year, we have provided consultancy and training in UK, Mexico, Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Germany, South Sudan, Iraq and Kurdistan and Oman; to name a few.

We are your Risk Radar!

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