RPS Partnership provides training and consultancy services 

  • to identify and mitigate RISK 
  • prepare your PEOPLE 
  • with SOLUTIONS to work in complex, fragile, remote or hostile environments. 

With a dedicated and highly experienced mixed gender team we deliver 

  1. HET/HEAT/HEFAT Training Worldwide
  2. HET/HEAT/HEFAT Training UK
  3. Medical Training – First Aid and Advanced First Aid and Trauma Training
  4. Crisis Management Training
  5. Training of Trainers 
  6. Travel Security Workshops
  7. Security and Risk Mitigation Consultancy in the UK and worldwide

The driving force behind our work is to make sure you, your staff, executives and their families are informed, well prepared and safe. 

Our team of Trainers and Partners who are in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia all work to three core values – Trust, Respect and Integrity. These fundamental values are underpinned by Experience and Knowledge which are second to none and something we pride ourselves upon to bring you an exceptionally a high-quality professional service.

Why us?

We have a diverse and unique team of male and female trainers who not only have many years of experience but who are still travelling to hostile regions and providing security advice to our clients

RPS Partnership provides qualified trainers who can bring training to you in UK or Worldwide.

  • The courses are specifically designed for your your staff and organisational needs
  • All our trainers hold nationally recognised UK training qualifications backed up by real-world experience of working in insecure or hostile environments.
  • We can train either mixed or single gender groups, by sending mixed-gender or single-gender consultants and/or training teams.


Our breadth and depth of experience and skill means we have the ability to be flexible enough to bring you mixed and/or single gender training by using our accomplished team of consultants and training staff. 

We ensure that we expose you to practical scenarios and simulated conditions in a controlled and educational way, balancing off learning in a classroom environment with the reality of what may occur in the field.  

Our training and services vary in duration from 1 day to multi day/week contact – we will always ensure you have the skills, confidence and knowledge to implement what we have worked on together. 

Consultancy services 

We can review, assess or audit your security plans. If we identify any gaps, we will provide the solutions that you need to save your business money. 

We are your Risk Radar!

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