Cath Mossom
Head of Training

Cath is RPS Partnership’s Head of Training and a security and risk management consultant who has trained international and national staff both in the UK and overseas. She brings over 26 years of experience to RPS Partnership and has worked in Africa, the Middle East and South America, providing training, on the ground support and advice for a broad range of organisations including international NGOs and international media corporations in hostile environments.

Cath has a proven record of successfully training diverse multicultural organisations to the highest standards, as well as planning, running training courses and conducting projects in difficult locations. She has worked as a training manager for numerous international organisations and can train all security related subjects as well as being able to train in numerous other risk mitigation and crisis management related subjects. 

Cath is an experienced First Responder and has gained valuable experience working within UK hospitals. She is also a qualified trainer, as well as a First Aid trainer and can deliver accredited First Aid courses. She is a trained conflict management and disengagement skills trainer and has continued to develop this knowledge. She has a keen interest in post trauma management; as well as aftercare for sexually assaulted and abused victims. 

Working Overseas

Recent travel has seen her in Colombia, Mexico, USA, India, Bangkok, Dubai, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Slovakia, Canada, Spain, Serbia, and South Korea

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