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Looking Forward to Post Covid 19 Training
We are waiting to finish Lockdown and will then be starting our training. We have ri...
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Female Traveller Safety Webinar - The Middle East 27 May 2020
What is a perception, what is a myth and what is reality? May will take us to the ...
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"Female Traveller Safety Considerations" Webinar 22 April 2020
We are excited to announce that we will be working with SheTravel to host and online...
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Webinar Courses during COVID 19 times
RPS Partnership is commited to running high quality and tailored training to all of ...
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How to survive self isolation from someone who knows what it's like !
In these diffcult times, we think that Terry Waite has some wise words. Terry Waite ...
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Reporting from contaminated environments
We are pleased to offer this advice from INSI (International News Safety Institute) ...
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Working through Coronavirus for journalists and news rooms
INSI has offered the following advice for journalists and newsrooms, with regards to...
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FIRST COURSE - Young People - Female Traveller Safety Awareness Course
On Sunday we ran our first Female Safety Awareness Training programme for Young Peop...
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LOOK AGAIN - Report suspicious activity and behaviour to tackle terrorism
Action Counters Terrorism: Report suspicious activity and behaviour to tackle terror...
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International Women's day starts early with Women Flying Solo event
'Women Flying Solo' was an incredible evening to celebrate International Women's Day...
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Travelling to Kurdistan as a female traveller? Top tips for travel to Erbil
An RPS partnership training team has just returned from Erbil and brings you these t...
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RPS Partnership agrandi sa capacité de formation en Afrique de l'Ouest
30 December 2019 RPS Partnership est ravi d'annoncer son partenariat avec AACCES De...
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