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Archive News from RPS Partnership

Somalia -safe for business travellers?


The Somali Police Force commemorated its 69th anniversary in Mogadishu on December 21 2012, according to Press TV, an Iranian TV station covering the story. Mogadishu is up there on the list of dangerous cities in the world ...

Gabon - a democracy ?


RPS Partnership has been considering Gabon with interest to decide whether this may be an area of concern for its international travelers.Gabon is a state, where the army and intelligence services sit very firmly under the r...

Updated news from Goma on 7 Dec


An RPS consultant has been working with locals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the state of north Kivu, to update the security advice for journalists and companies traveling to Goma.  Rebels in the eastern city have ...

Goma News Report


An RPS consultant has been advising journalists and other companies travelling to Goma, in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.The rebel movement, M23, has now this week moved into “peaceful” Goma with onl...