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Archive News from RPS Partnership

Crazy Friday - a shark within a shark


This Crazy Friday just before the Christian Christmas holidays take place, RPS brings you a picture of a shark within a shark from July of 2013.  Our next Crazy Friday will see us looking at 2013 and seeing what weird and wo...

South Africa - Cape Town - personal security still an issue


According to news reports, two Australians have been assaulted by armed attackers in South Africa, on Cape Town's Lion's Head hiking trail in the early evening last weekend. It is believed that one of the victims was stabbed...

Kenya - this week sees grenade attacks increasing


Kenyan Police reported that there was a suspected grenade attack which took place on a minibus in Nairobi yesterday killing at least four people near a Somali-dominated area of the city.This incident mirrors explosions last ...

Crazy Friday -Volvo’s Van Damme commercial - Jordanian style !


This is Crazy Friday and this week RPS's news story comes from the Middle East. Volvo’s latest commercial capturing action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme perform a split between two moving vehicles quickly went viral across soci...

Kenya - RPS warns travellers to Mombassa to be cautious after failed grenade attack


RPS has learned this morning that two British tourists escaped unhurt in Mombasa after a hand grenade hurled at their tour van within the Likoni area failed to explode.Police have said that the F1 Russian made grenade hit th...

SRI LANKA rallies due to take place tomorrow in Colombo


The Front Line National Socialist Party (FLSP) has called for demonstrations to be held in Sri Lanka's commercial capital, Colombo tomorrow. The demonstration is scheduled to take place at Lipton Circus from 10:00 local time...

Eygpt - countrywide protests planned for this weekend


Media reports are indicating that the Islamist National Coalition in Support of Legitimacy (NCSL) has called for countrywide protests from 6 to 8 December in Egypt.The protests planned for today have been called to commemora...

Central African Republic - talk of genocide already


The French military are set to deploy to the Central African Republic (CAR) by the end of this month.  If the UN security council vote on a resolution allowing for international intervention into the current crisis in the CA...

Lebanon - Tripoli placed under military control in response to violence


Reported by Red24, Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli has been placed under the control of the military for a six month period,  according to a statement by Prime Minister Najib Mikati yesterday.The motion, which was impleme...

Crazy Friday - Hosting football tournaments is hot topic this week in Kenya


RPS has two trainers working in Nairobi again this week for a gobal oil company. Hosting the CECAFA football  tournament is a big thing and something of which Nairobi is proud. Would the stadia have received a facelift had t...

Heightened security alert in Ankara Turkey


RPS can now report that security was heightened throughout Turkey's capital, Ankara, on 21 November, last Thursday, after an someone claiming to be a suicide bomber attempted to breach security at the prime minister's office...

Crazy Friday - Britian's burglars bungle again


This Friday brings us news from the UK, where thieves are not too bright it seems. Dumbest burglars were caught after robbing an hotel just hours after being released from jail…and leaving their prison release papers at the ...

Ethiopia and its security problems- an analysis by RPS


Ethiopia has also suffered suspected al-Shabaab attacks in recent months. There is ongoing disagreement over whether two flammable cylinders recovered from Addis Ababa International’s departure lounge were part of a terroris...

ETHIOPIA - Authorities are warning of elevated terrorism threat in Addis Ababa


Authorities in Ethiopia yesterday  warned of an elevated terrorism threat in the capital, Addis Ababa.Security measures in the city were increased in response, with concentrations of security forces visible near potential ta...

Security in Kenya starts with the security guard on the door!


RPS's consultant in Nairobi is working with companies in Kenya to ensure that their staff have appropirate training to stay safe in the aftermath of the Westgate shopping mall incident.  As crime increases and more and more ...

Terror in Sub-Saharan Africa - an analysis by RPS


RPS's intelligence analyst was asked to look at terrorist groups in sub Saharan Africa in the aftermath of the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Kenya. So here, we take a look at the two major terrorist organisations in the r...

Crazy Friday - AK-47 in one hand and a Bible in the other


One of RPS's consultants is working in Kenya this week, so we bring to you a story for Crazy Friday from Nairobi.For 12 years, the machine gun preacher was on the battle field rescuing children whose lives were disrupted by ...

Why is Lebanon where it is today?


Lebanon sits in the middle of some unstable countries yet whilst it has its own issues, it still manages to remain a fun place to visit for business and on holiday.  To the traveller, as you land at Beirut airport, the count...

Crazy Saturday - sorry we missed Crazy Friday!


All RPS consultants were travelling yesterday and so we missed Crazy Friday, so here we are bringing you some funnies out there to liven up your weekend and we called it Crazy Saturday.The line between crazy and ingenious is...

Organised Crime in Azerbaijan


 RPS consultants have just returned from running personal security training for a global oil company in Baku, as you will see from our photo gallery.  We asked our intelligence analyst to look at the threat of organised crim...

Crazy Friday - Women in Saudi Arabia want to drive!


This Friday sees women in Saudi Arabia getting ready to demonstrate in the streets tomorrow, so they can be allowed to drive a car; something which in the rest of the world would deem as crazy; that they can't already do tha...

Mombassa - keep your wits about you if you are there on holiday


RPS advises that it is worth being cautious if you are travelling, working in or holidaying in Mombassa, Kenya.  In the aftermath of the Westgate Mall incident, security remains a serious concern. Mombassa shows how things c...

Crazy Friday - strange visa questions revealed


RPS reports this week on another Crazy Friday just what some countries ask in their visa application process. "Describe your moustache": seemed to be bizarre in the big scheme of things. RPS looks at the poll which reveals t...

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood website claims the UAE is financing a cell to topple Libyan Government


RPS has recevived a report by BBC Monitoring which hints at a conspiracy to topple the new Libyan Regime; it makes interesting reading for those working in Libya and the Middle East.  Below is what was reported by BBC Monito...

The Globalpost looks at Syria opposition forces accused of war crimes


RPS is interested to see a different article written by Priyanka Boghani and Tracey Shelton of the GlobalPost about the opposition forces in Syria. We share it with you."They were shooting at us from two different directions...

CRAZY FRIDAY - Thief outruns sluggish security guard


This week's Crazy Friday takes us to Budapest in Hungary, where a slow security guard is outrun by a thief and a pigeon appears to move faster than he does.There was no need for this alleged bank robber to hire a getaway dri...

Threats in the Sinai Peninsula


What really are the threats in the Sinai Peninsula? RPS Partnership's intelligence analyst gives us his views on what sort of threat the Bedouins and Ismalists really are, in the light of the attacks which have taken place t...

What next for al-Shabaab in Kenya?


What next for al-Shabaab? RPS Partnership's intelligence analyst gives us his views on where Al Shabaab is going post the Kenya Westgate Mall terror attack.The Westgate Mall attack ‘announced’ al-Shabaab to the wider world. ...

Azerbaijan - opposition rallies to be held this afternoon


Opposition rallies are set to take place today in Baku ahead of presidential elections.The opposition coalition, the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF), is set to hold a rally in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, today.T...

CrAZY FRIDAY - Thief gets caught by being sprayed green!


Yafet Askale was sprayed with ultra violet dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, after he broke into a "trap car" set up by police.The vehicle had been fitted with a traceable liquid called SmartWater.As the 28-year-old ...

Cameroon - avoid travel on the 30 September 2013


RPS advises against travelling to Cameroon on 30 September 2013, as the country is set to hold countrywide legislative and municipal elections on that day.The long-awaited elections were expected to take place in July 2012; ...

CRAZY FIRDAY - Weird facts most people don't know...


This Friday RPS is going to share 5 weird facts with you; wierd facts that most people don't know. Weird but true to liven up your Friday.1. If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can’t handle that much vitamin ...

Travelling to Nairobi - be aware of the security situation


Kenya's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, confirmed yesterday that a security force operation to clear remaining militants from Nairobi's Westgate Shopping Mall had concluded.According to Kenyatta's statement, five al-Shabaab milit...

North Caucasus - car bombs in Dagestan


RPS can report car bombings yesterday in Dagestan in the North Caucasus region.At least two police officers were killed and 16 others injured, including civilians, in a suicide car bombing in Russia's southern Dagestan regio...

Working or living in Belgrade? Ensure you know how to prevent being bitten by mosquitos


RPS Partnership can report that there has been an outbreak of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus in Serbia which has resulted in the deaths of at least 20 people, while at least 177 cases of the disease have been confirmed s...

Iraq - Mosul airport closed for an unknown duration


RPS has learned that Security forces in Iraq closed Mosul International Airport, located in Mosul city in the Ninewa governorate, yesterday.All flights have now been cancelled. No reason has been given by airport authorities...

Increased threat of anti-US protest action in the Middle East


There is an increased likelihood of anti-US demonstrations across the Middle East, North Africa and parts of South Asia in the coming days in response to a potential US-led military strike on Syria and a possible 'Koran burn...

CRAZY FRIDAY - The Aussies advise the Brits to be alert around "jobless" wasps !!


Another CRAZY FRIDAY is hours away.In Australia, BRITS are being warned to be alert, but not alarmed, about record numbers of drunk, "jobless" wasps which are more likely to attack because they have nothing better to do.With...

Advice for travel to Cairo


RPS has just posted some advice for holiday destinations and is now posting some up to date information for travel to Cairo.The airport will be your first port of call in Cairo. This is located in Heliopolis, to the north-ea...

What is going on in Eastern DRC ? An in depth look


The British daily newspaper, the Telegrapagh, looks at what is happening in the DRC; Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.Costing $.15bn per year, the UN force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest mission i...

CRAZY FRIDAY - The Spanish pelt each other with tomatoes!


There is not enough craziness in the world, so RPS tries to find it each week.  Last week the Russians were driving hovercraft onto beaches and this week we can report that the Spanish pelt each other with none other than to...

Egypt travel advice for holiday makers


At least two pro-Mursi supporters were killed yesterday in clashes with military police in the city of Beni Suef, located in Egypt's northern Beni Suef governorate, to the south of Cairo.The clashes occurred outside a mosque...

CRAZY FRIDAY - Russian sunbathers face hovercraft on the beach !


If you thought people who played loud music at the beach were annoying, spare a thought for these startled sunbathers.Holidaymakers enjoying the peace on this white sandy beach in Russia leapt to attention when a monster mil...

CRAZY FRIDAY - ever fancied going somewhere a little out of the ordinary?


This week's Crazy Friday will make you smile at the end of the week. Have you ever thought of going on holiday somewhere different? Perhaps a hotel doubling as a tree house or an ice palace with an individual snow bar may ti...

Croatia 16 and 17 August - protests countrywide likely to cause road blockages


RPS can report that unionised farmers in Croatia are set to intensify anti-government protests across the country on 16 and 17 August.Associated road blockades are expected along the A3 highway on tomorrow; Friday 16.  In ad...

Going to Zanzibar for work or holiday?


If you are going to the island of Zanzibar, off Tanzania, for work or pleasure you need to be aware of the horrifc news that two British nationals were injured in an acid attack  late on 7 August.According to reports, uniden...

Violence in Southern Beirut


RPS advises that you should avoid the southern Beirut area of Laylake for the immediate future.  At least one person was killed yesterday and another eight wounded during clashes between rival families in this part of the ci...

Going to Thailand ?


RPS can report that the outbreak of Dengue Fever in Thailand hs now seen 83 dead so far.Officials from the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand have confirmed that the total number of cases of dengue fever has risen to more...

GPS flaw could let terrorists hijack ships and planes - says an article written by Fox News


According to an article written by John Roberts of Fox news, the world’s GPS system is vulnerable to hackers or terrorists who could use it to hijack ships -- even commercial airliners, according to a frightening new study t...

US embassies to shut on Sunday over 'security threat'


The US will close a number of embassies and consulates, mostly in the Middle East, on Sunday in response to an unspecified threat, officials say.A state department spokeswoman said the order applied to any embassy or consula...

CRAZY FRIDAY - this week bizarre news from the UK


A cheeky seagull stole a pensioner's set of false teeth - when she took them out to have a biscuit.Renee A'Bear, 92, was enjoying a cup of tea and feeding the birds outside her care home in Bexhill-on-Sea, to the south of En...

Libya is becoming more dangerous as car bomb goes off in Tripoli


A car bomb was defused outside the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel in Libya's capital, Tripoli, late on 29 July.The vehicle was parked near a hotel security barrier and contained at least 11 explosive devices that were set for ...

Are you covering events in Egypt for the media ?


RPS Partnership has seen this picture which shows the layout of a square near Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque.The square has become a protest camp for supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, who was removed f...

Brazil - From 31 July strikes at all airports due to take place


As of tomorrow - 31 July, all airports throughout Brazil are due to get hit by strikes. RPS believes they may only be for one day; but this remains to be seen. RPS Partnership has learned that the industrial action is schedu...

CRAZY FRIDAY - bizarre news from around the world every Friday


The time-lapse video comes from a webcam set up by the North Pole Environmental Observatory that has monitored the state of Arctic sea ice since the spring of 2000. Surprisingly, the pole has been melting since at least 2002...

Protests today in Tunisia


Tunisia may well see protests today throughout the country but especially in Tunis, to coincide with Republic Day.State-sponsored rallies and events are likely to coincide with the Republic Day observance. These are expected...

CRAZY FRIDAY - bizarre news from around the world every Friday


This week sees the marketing of the The Emergency Bra (EBbra) into the world at large. The EBra is a protective garment that can be easily and quickly transformed into two respiratory face masks in case of emergency to reduc...

Lebanon - using your mobile phone with a local sim card


RPS Partnership's consultant who has just returned from Lebanon says that as of the 1 June this year, there are some new rules if you want to use your own phone with a local sim card in it.Anyone bringing a mobile into Leban...

CRAZY FRIDAY - bizarre news from around the world every Friday


A two headed turtle hatches in a US zoo.The zoo in San Antonio in Texas saw a female Texas cooter hatch in June. She's a healthy turtle BUT has two heads.She can swim and walk, but noone can explain why she has two heads.  O...

Interesting facts about Ramadan for the international traveller


What is Ramadan?Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight.Ramadan is the fourth of the five pillars of Islam.The Qur'an was first reve...

Travelling in Muslim countries during Ramadan - top tips for non Muslims


The Islamic month of Ramadan is when Muslims faste from sunrise to sunset. It lasts from Tuesday 9 July to Wed 7 August, followed by the festival of Eid.If you are living or working in a Muslim country you need to be aware o...

Weapons on the increase in the Middle East and North Africa


There are more weapons on the streets of North Africa and the Middle East than ever before. The last two years since the Arab Springs, have seen conflict and civil unrest spread throughout the region.Weapons and their ammuni...

Update on Egypt 4 July


Egypt's government has now been suspended and the Army will be taking control. Some people are refusing to call it a coup, but given that the definition of the military suspending a democratically elected government is calle...

Egypt in turmoil tonight


Events in Egypt have taken a turn for the worse. The Army has now taken to the streets; something which was what we all feared.RPS Partnership has just returned from Egypt and is now following events closely with its clients...

Jordan begins to feel the strain as security concerns mount


Jordan has traditionally been a peaceful Kingdom in the Middle East, however events taking place in neighbouring countries have meant the security threats and peoples’ attitudes towards them are now changing.Iraq and Syria a...

Bosnia and Herzegovina - taxi strikes in Sarajevo


Taxi strike are expected today in Sarajevo. Thousands of taxi drivers are set to strike in Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, Sarajevo, today.  In addition, a number of taxi drivers will stage a demonstration outside the Parl...

Jordan unrest


RPS Partnership has just conducted personal security awareness training in Jordan for a global and gas corporation and still has consultants working in the Middle East, assessing the current situation.  RPS Partnership also ...

Friday 21 June - planned protests in Cairo


Islamist political party supporters have called for a political rally in support of President Mohammed Mursi in Cairo tomorrow.The gathering, led by Egyptian ruling party, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)'s Freedom and Justice Pa...

Threats in Egypt are changing - be cautious around the 30th June in Egypt


Egypt is not the place it was before the Revolution, in the words of Egyptians who live and work there.RPS Partnership has just completed a two week training project in Egypt working for a major oil and gas company. We have ...

Travelling to Turkey on holiday or for business ?


Turkey has had its fair share of demonstratiions and violent protests just recently. RPS Partnership advises sensible travel planning should you decide to go there. The protests are by no means everywhere and with common sen...

Are you travelling to Laos? Be aware of the Dengue Fever outbreak


RPS Partnership can report that health officials in Laos have confirmed that the total number of cases of dengue fever in the city-state has risen to more than 6,000 since the latest outbreak was first reported in January 20...

More clashes in South Dafur, Sudan


Violence has erupted again in South Sudan in the Katayla area of South Dafur. At least 14 people have been killed and a further 22 injured in renewed communal clashes. RPS Partnership can report that tensions remain elevated...

Travelling to the Central African Republic?


RPS Partnership has received reports that 25 people have been killed in rebel attacks in the western Central African Republic (CAR) in recent days.Militants of the Seleka rebel group, have been targetting a number of settlem...

Tripoli - Lebanon should be avoided in the next few days


Conflict continues between rival armed groups in Tripoli in Lebanon's northern city and it is reported that 28 people have now been killed, with hundreds of others injured.Violence remains largely limited to the districts of...

M23 rebels may again be a threat to Goma in DRC


RPS Partnership has just received information from its source in Goma, in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Yesterday at 4 am rebels of the M23 movement attacked Mutaho city, which is 12 kilometres fro...

Planning to cross to Syria from Hatay province?


Those travelling to Hatay province in southern Turkey should be aware that the area is becoming more volatile.  This area of Turkey is commonly used by journalists looking to either cross to Syria or an area from which they ...

Mexico - Spanish business travellers found dead in North West Mexico


RPS Partnership has just received reports that two Spanish business people who were reportedly abducted, have been found dead last Saturday in the town of El Limon de los Ramos, located in Mexico's northern Sinaloa state.The...

Pakistan waits as violence is expected during the elections this weekend


PPS Partnership advises clients in Pakistan to be cautious in their movements around the country as the elections draw to a conclusion.  Pakistan is scheduled to hold general elections tomorrow and security has been heighten...

Is it safe to travel to Libya ?


Despite the conflict in Libya having ended, the security situation on the ground in Libya remains challenging and whilst the dangers are not of the Mogadishu, or Damascus proportions, it does remain a challenging and difficu...

Travelling to Kuwait? Be aware of demonstrations in certain areas


RPS Partnership can report that supporters of prominent opposition leader, Musallam al-Barrak, continued to demonstrate in the vicinity of his residence in the Andalus area of Kuwait's capital, Kuwait City, between 19 and 21...

RPS advises extreme caution in Iraq in the next few days


The violence seems to now be spiking as the elections take place.At least 27 people were killed and dozens more injured in a bomb attack in Baghdad, on Thursday, just before their weekend.The blast reportedly took place in a...

Israeli tourist destination of Eilat gets hit by rockets today


RPS Partnership can report today that it looks like at least two rockets have hit the southern-most Israeli city of Eilat, a popular tourist destination on the Red Sea. Tens of thousands of tourists visit every year to go on...

Iraq becomes more dangerous as elections on the 20th April draw closer


Two separate bomb attacks near Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, resulted in numerous casualties on 16 April.A car bomb was detonated in the town of Aziziyah, some 80km south east of Baghdad with at least seven people killed and 20 o...

RPS Partnership offers advice for those working in hot weather


As we come out of the winter in the northern hemisphere, we sometimes forget that the Middle East's summer will soon begin and the heat will be unbearable, whilst South Asia and Africa have hot temperatures all the time. Thi...

Travelling to India - know what to expect from security checks


India has recently been hitting the international news agenda for all the wrong reason, however it still remains an interesting place for travellers to to visit for work and leisure.An RPS Partnership consultant has just ret...

Are you going to Egypt on holiday? Be aware of the latest hostage taking in the Dahab area


Two tourists, an Israeli man and a Norwegian woman, were abducted on Friday 22nd March by armed men in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. South Sinai's Red Sea coast is a major tourism hub for all nationalities.The tourists were ...

Are you a journalist or aid worker heading to Syria ?


As the conflict in Syria grinds on, RPS has been advising journalists and aid workers operating in Syria. An RPS consultant has just returned from Syria and would be happy to discuss with you how to plan your trip so you can...

Security advice for Northern Nigeria in the aftermath of the latest kidnappings


RPS Partnership is urging travellers to Northern Nigeria to review their personal security after a group of 7 foreigners were taken hostage in the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi, during an armed attack on 16 February 2013...

Cairo - security advice for travel around Egypt


RPS Partnership has consultants in Egypt and they are keeping abreast of the security situation there. Cairo is often in the news, but many travellers want to travel outside Cairo and it is often difficult to get sensbile in...

Cairo ~ A time of uncertainty ?


Over the last week, Egypt has witnessed large-scale violent unrest in Cairo and the northern cities of Port Said, Suez, and Ismailiyya. This appears to be the most widespread and intense unrest in Egypt since President Morsi...

Niger becoming more dangerous?


In Niger this week the American Embassy announced that all US citizens must have a security escort when travelling outside the capital of Naimey as of the 30 January 2013.  This appears to be extended to travel by all Wester...

Mexico travel advice


The security situation in Mexico has always been dominated by the drug war and cartels, who are responsible for an estimated 60,000 deaths since 2006. In December 2012, President Enrique Pena Nieto pledged to crack down on g...

Arriving in Jordan at Amman airport


Jordan - arriving in Amman at the airport can be a confusing experience. It is not advisable to take the local unregistered drivers, who crowd you as you arrive. Look after your luggage as it is easy for people to take your ...

Security advice for journalists travelling to Mali


 Mali is a poverty stricken West African state, which used to be a former French colony. Al-Qaeda (AQ) has been a lingering problem for a long time with international players trying to “ignore” the problem until now. Mali ha...

Safety training for journalists in South Sudan combined with training for conflict sensitive reporting


In 2012, relations between South Sudan and Sudan were poor – at times bordering on war. A pilot project developed by Copenhagen-based International Media Support (IMS) intended to ensure that media working in the border stat...