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Archive News from RPS Partnership

Dangerous year for journalists as 2014 death toll reaches 60


According to a report in the Guardian on 23 December, the annual Committee to Protect Journalists report finds unusually high proportion of international reporters among the year’s casualties. The organisation does not count...

More gift card scam emails


MailShark has alerted us to more scam email which promise the recipient a gift card (or the chance to win a gift card) and seem to be the in vogue modus operandi of criminals this festive season. Two new scam emails offering...

The first Christmas scam is a hoax?


Having passed on some vital information yesterday about a Christmas scam, we have since received information that this may have been a hoax. We would now like to draw your attention to Action Fraud  and refer you now to thei...

The first Christmas scam - Post Office scam in the UK


RPS will be making you aware of scams over the Christmas period, which traditionally has been a time when scams are the most successful. The first we have received is an alert from the Royal Mail & The Trading Standards Offi...

Protests in Egypt on Friday 28 November


Demonstrations often happen on a Friday in Egypt, but they can happen at any time across the country.This Friday 28 November, protests have been called across Egypt with some calls for violence. If you are travelling or work...

Kenya - Al-Shabab claims the killing of 29 passengers on a local bus


The Somali group, Al-Shabab, says 28 non-Muslim passengers were shot on board a bus in Mandera in revenge for police raids on Mombasa mosques.Al-Shabab fighters from Somalia hijacked a bus in Kenya's north and killed 28 non-...

Tunisia - Upcoming presidential elections are taking place amid heightened security


Tunisia will hold countrywide presidential elections on 23 November.Authorities have just announced heightened security measures in the run up to and during the poll. In addition, media reports are telling is that border cro...

Mexico - differing trends in kidnapping


For nearly a decade, kidnapping has been an endemic issue in the Mexican territory.  Though kidnapping, as a criminal activity in the region has existed for a long time, in recent times, it has undertaken specific developmen...

Crazy Friday -gunman confesses to TV cameraman then hijacks his car


This week's Crazy Friday comes from Australia and is the moment when a cameraman gets his car stolen by a crazy man on the run.Australian TV news cameraman Peter Steer films the moment he was flagged down by a man on the run...

Crazy Friday - Women fighting on the frontlines in Syria against IS


RPS brings you this story on another Crazy Friday where the world seems to be in a constant state of madness. Women fighting in combat is nothing new, but women fighting the Middle East is certainly not something you see eve...

Khorasan -little known al-Qaeda off-shoot


Khorasan, also known as the Khorasan Group, refers to a group of senior al-Qaeda members who operate in Syria.The group is reported to consist of a small number of fighters who are all on terrorist watchlists, and coordinate...

Fake Dropbox login page steals personal details


RPS asks if you use dropbox for your personal files or for work. If you do, then read further to avoid being scammed.An email with the subject “important” tells recipients that they must sign into Dropbox in order to view a ...

Why border lines drawn with a ruler in WW1 still rock the Middle East


Tarek Osman presented the Making of the Arab World on radio 4 and it made an interesting read for those of us who live and work in the Middle East. RPS has taken a snap shot and outlined some of the points which you may not ...

12 ways identity thieves can get your information


This week RPS is looking at ways thieves can steal identities and what you can do to stop them or at the very least make it more difficult for them. Thieves make a living stealing the identity of consumers all over the world...

7 ways to prevent Data Theft when travelling


The threat of data theft follows travellers; there’s never a vacation from hackers.So what should the traveller do? Anticipate snooping by hackers. This way, you can prepare for the worst.Do you need to take a laptop with yo...

Are you a trainer and need a qualification to train?


Whether you are new to training or an experienced trainer but don't have a qualification in training, this may be your solution.RPS offers "Train the Trainer" courses. We can offer a Level 3 award in Training and Education o...

Travelling to Rwanda - what you should know about security there


Are you planning on travelling to Rwanda for business or on holiday?If so then read our advice and heed it where you feel it appropriate. We are experienced at travelling in the region, so please do get in touch if we can be...

Jordan - security update for travellers


Political situation in JordanSince early 2011, political demonstrations have taken place in many parts of Jordan on Fridays and sometimes on other days of the week. Regional issues have an impact on local public opinion, and...

Algeria - ensure you are aware of the local situation before travelling off the beaten track


Algeria has been quiet for a long time but recently security is becoming more and more of an issue than it ever has been. It does not get much media coverage in the international media but that does not mean to say that the ...

Travelling to Thailand? Read this to ensure your own personal security


Crime in Thailand has always been there, it is just that it is receiving more news coverage at the moment. RPS advises you to plan your trips carefully and be conscious of your personal security at all times when travelling....

Yemen - flights suspended to Sanaa


Flights were suspended this week to Yemen's capital, Sanaa airport, due to clashes.According to state media reports, all international flights to Sanaa International Airport were suspended until yesterday - 20 September. Thi...

What is going on in Libya? RPS looks at the warring factions


As conditions in Libya worsen, the conflicts that have destabilized the country have turned into a standoff between the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, elements associated with Al-Qaeda, and the renegade army officer General Khal...

Update from Tripoli - Libya


News from SNE in Tripoli tells us that the capital is experiencing a period of relative calmness following the takeover of the Islamist-leaning Libya Dawn coalition. Iintense clashes have continued to the south and west of T...

Personal data stores found leaking online


RPS can report that a BBC investigation has shown that thousands of Britons could be inadvertently sharing their digital secrets with anyone who knows where to click.At risk are photographs, home videos and music collections...

Crazy Friday - The man with the upside down head is an inspiration to us


This week's RPS Crazy Friday reports from the Huff Post.With his head bent upside-down against his spine because of a congenital malformation, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira has a different perspective on life.And it's all posit...

Business risk in Turkey


Turkey, despite its economic and political issues, still continues to be a thriving environment in which foreign businesses may wish to operate. The country sits as a gateway between East and West and as such may well be int...

Libya - latest security update Tripoli


Reports have been coming out of Tripoli yesterday, Saturday 23 August evening, that the Misrata militia have finally taken control of Tripoli international airport as well as secondary reports that they now also have hold of...

Crazy Friday - Egyptian cleric: Men allowed to spy on women in the shower if they have ‘pure intentions’


This Crazy Friday sees us reporting a weird news story from Egypt. RPS highlights Patrick Kingsley's report from the Guardian. His article says that an extremist cleric has argued in Egypt that men can spy on women in the sh...

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Militia kill dozens in and around Mbres


34 people have been killed in the Central African Repulbic (CAR) in and around the settlement of Mbres, located 350km north of the Central African Republic's capital, Bangui, between 10 and 15 August.  The attacks have been ...

Crazy Friday - Smuggler caught after swallowing more than 80 plastic bags stuffed with $100,000


Today is Crazy Friday. The world has gone mad with conflict and war and RPS is bringing to you a crazy story in amongst the security issues of travelling around the world. We thought this would bring a smile to your face.A V...

Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh - foreigners falling ill


RPS has just learned that a number of foreigners fell ill yesterday in Sharm el Sheikh.According to recent media reports, at least 100 foreign nationals became ill while at a resort located in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.It is re...

Are you going on holiday to Egypt?


Egypt has just come out of the holy month of Ramadan and things are getting back to normal. There is a high threat from terrorism, demonstrated by three South Korean tourists and their driver who were killed in Taba (Sinai) ...

Five parent-friendly holiday destinations for 18-30s


Exam season is over and RPS is sure that parents of school leavers and even their older children are now worrying where they are going to chose to go on holiday. Far worse than awaiting the results of the exams is the dreade...

Are you going aboard this summer or off on a gap year?


Travelling for a short or even for a long period should be a relaxing time however when things go wrong they can prove to be expensive and what should have been a trip of a lifetime turns horribly wrong. So make sure you are...

Tripoli - Libya update today


Shelling has yet again started at the Tripoli International Airport. Islamist militias are currently firing mortar rounds, rockets and tank fire at the Airport. This latest fighting began earlier this morning within 2 days o...

Elevated risk of anti-Israel protests in a number of countries


Given the recent events in the Middle East, RPS is advising travellers to be alert when moving around the region, as it is set to become more fractious and unstable in the coming weeks.There is an higher risk of further pro-...

Travelling to Israel or the West Bank - Gaza? Read this and know what to expect


Israel is at the moment an unpredictable country, where the West Bank and Gaza have become areas that RPS would advise against travelling to for the foreseeable future.Rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and Israeli air str...

Getting into Israel


Linked to our previous article RPS is providing you with advice on how to get into Israel and out again safely and with the minimum amount of fuss. You must prepare and have your documents ready and in date. This advice is p...

Tripoli - Libya - airport closed


Tripoli - LibyaTripoli Intl Airport is now closed at least until Wednesday 16 July and a new destination for flights scheduled over the next 2 days is to be announced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).Flights from Tunisi...

Update on security situation today in Tripoli


At 4pm today, numerous roadblocks had been set up on main roads through Tripoli to shield civilian traffic from ongoing fighting. As of 4pm local time, the following roadblocks were identified: along the Airport Road just so...

Middle East and North Africa - security update for tomorrow Friday 4 July


RPS can not speculate on exaclty what the possible impact the warning below may have, if any, but we’ll keep monitoring and let you know if the situation changes at all:A controversial video set to be released tomorrow on Fr...

URGENT security warning for Uganda Entebbe international airport


RPS has just received information from the US embassy in Kampala that the Ugandan police have issued a warning about a specific threat to attack Entebbe international airport for today 3 July between the hours of 2100-2300 (...

Nigeria - Heavy rainfall causes flooding and disruptions in Lagos


Heavy rainfall and bad weather, typical of southern Nigeria's annual rainy season, has resulted in flooding, as well as disruptions to traffic and utility services in several major urban centres, including the port city of L...

Ukraine - RPS intelligence analyst looks at the region


 "What is going on in the Ukraine?" asks RPS's intelligence analyst. Here is the reply."The apparent victory of ‘chocolate tycoon’ Petro Poroshenko in the Ukrainian presidential election on 25-05-2014 is just the latest inst...

RPS consultant gives thought on security for Baku, Azerbaijan


RPS has just come back from running personal security awareness training in Baku in Azerbaijan. RPS sent two consultants, one of whom had not been there before. Here our consultant gives some ideas on how they planned their ...

Crazy Friday - Zoo worker in a gorrilla suit gets shot by a tranquillizer


This Crazy Friday sees a vet shooting a tranquiliser dart at a zoo employee dressed as a gorilla after mistaking him for a primate, so reports the Mail online http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2649381/Zoo-worker-gorill...

Libya - latest security update


If you are planning to travel to Libya, then the latest information which came in today is that the Supreme Court today ruled that the appointment of Ahmed Meatig as Prime Minister was unconstitutional. They also concluded t...

Cybercrime -would you hand YOUR email address to a stranger?


This is amazing. RPS was stunned to read this full article here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2640625/Would-hand-YOUR-email-address-stranger-Social-experiment-shows-fraudsters-use-crucial-information-just-minutes.h...

Istanbul - demonstrations planned for tomorrow Taxim Square


RPS's consultant in Istanbul has reported to us that activists behind the 2013 Gezi Park anti-government demonstrations have called for mass protests on 31 May (tomorrow) to mark the anniversary of the unrest.Taksim solidari...

Sao Paulo - World Cup information from RPS consultant on the ground


This is the second update from RPS"s consultant on the ground in Brazil. They have sent the following thoughts for your security and to assist you if you are going to Brazil for the World Cup or for business travel.The airpo...

Sao Paulo - in advance of the World Cup. RPS consultant sends this news


RPS has a consultant in Brazil, working in Sao Paolo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. Here are thoughts from the ground in Brazil.There is a mixed feeling as money is being taken away from schools and health care and the fans l...

Security advice for travel to South Africa


Personal Safety Tips for travel to South AfricaYour personal safety should be your top priority at all times whilst you're travelling. Sometimes we get a bit complacent as we travel around and nothing happens to us.RPS wants...

Travelling to the Ukraine? Read our consultant's top tips to stay safe


 RPS ‘s consultant has just come back from working in the Eastern region of Ukraine. RPS has the following advice and tips for anyone planning to go there.The East of Ukraine is difficult to move around. Movement is restrict...

Libya - Tripoli outbreak of fighting this afternoon


This afternoon saw fighting break out in Tropoli, Libya. Around 4pm, there was a large presence of Zintani technicals moving into Tripoli along Airport Rd accompanied by heavy gunfire reports outside the GNC HQ at Rixos.Acco...

Nairobi - gang posing as police officers in Westlands


RPS has seen news reports stating that there is a gang operating in the Westlands area of Nairobi posing as police officers. Is this the same gang that has been attacking people over the last month?On May 12 at around 10am, ...

Crazy Friday - Crime in South Africa in 2006. Has it changed much?


As RPS heads off to Johannesburg to run personal security training, concentrating on home invasions and carjackings as well as personal security, we found an article written in 2006, trying to persuade people to go on holida...

South Sudan - oil companies being warned to leave the country


RPS has learned that South Sudanese rebels have announced they have seized the capital of Unity state, Bentiu, and warned oil companies to depart within a week.Oil-producing Unity state has been a focal point of violence in ...

Ukraine - Victory Day Parade


Ukraine is a fast moving potentially volitile country at present and the 9 May may be no exception. the 9th May is Victory Day and Victory Day parades are traditionally held to mark the end of World War 2.In the current situ...

Ukraine - travel advice update


RPS has a consultant on the ground in Southern Ukraine. He has let us know that there are unconfirmed reports of water supplies being contaminated in the eastern cities. Locals are buying up all the bottled water. If there i...

Ukraine - Continuing unrest in eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions


With news crews going missing, the Eastern region of the Ukraine is becoming more dangerous day by day for foreigners. RPS has learned today that film crews from the Sky News and CBS TV channels have gone missing in the Done...

RPS looks at the "most secure computer you'll ever own"!


RPS has looked at this article recently published by Russell Brandon yesterday in The Verge. "The most secure computer you will ever own"? A big claim by who knows who?No one knows who's behind it all. The development team w...

Nairobi - new modus operandi for carjacking in Kenya


There has been a spate of armed carjacking in Nairobi and security forces are warning of a new modus operandi in the city.According to police reports, there has been a recent increase of gunpoint robberies in the capital usi...

RPS video of driving in Beirut


RPS was in Beirut running personal security and medical training. Whilst out and about we filmed what it was like on the roads.Here we show you the crazy driving. We have posted two videos of driving in Beirut. How many peop...

Travelling to Ivory Coast or Guinea?


The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises against all but essential travel to the western regions of Dix-Huit Montagnes, Haut-Sassandra, Moyen-Cavally and Bas-Sassandra, in particular the area to the west...

Crazy Friday - the 'Towel Dance' - Comedy Act By Les Beaux Frères


This Crazy Friday brings you something a bit unusual. The crazy towel dance is a bit bizarre, but amazing and very funny.Les Beaux Frères clearly had this crazy idea and took it to the next level. It is guaranteed to make yo...

Southern Thailand - 4 explosions took place last Sunday


According to the newspaper, the Star Tribune in Thailand suspected Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand launched a wave of attacks last Sunday that killed one person and wounded 24 others. 2012 and 2013 saw numerous bombs ...

Tunisia - RPS's intelligence analyst considers what the future holds


 The ongoing security situation in Tunisia has somewhat flown ‘under the radar’ of Western perceptions. Whether this is a result of ‘bigger stories’ in Syria taking the headlines, or a preconception that since Tunisia posses...

Yesterday was "Crazy Friday in India"


RPS brings you Crazy Friday in India.  This is the rare two-headed snake that has been spotted slithering its way through an Indian village.The snake, which is believed to be a checkered keelback, was seen crawling past a ho...

Australian Government issues warning to its citizens to consider if they really need to travel to Kenya


The Australian government has issued a travel advisory to its nationals following "terrorism incidents" in Kenya.According to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, the advisory was issued "due to high threat of terro...

"They Know Everything We Do" - Telecom and Internet Surveillance in Ethiopia


Human Rights Watch (HRW) has produced a detailed 137 page report which details the technologies the Ethiopian government has acquired from several countries and uses to facilitate surveillance of perceived political opponent...

Kenya travel advice for today as more killings take place in a church


This morning at least two people, now possibly four, were killed in Mombasa, and more than ten others injured following a gun attack at a church in the city. RPS says that though the police seem to be increasing the security...

Crazy Friday in hot Eritrea where there was 3 ft of ice last week!


This Friday RPS reports on Crazy Friday that last week a freak hail storm in the east African nation of Eritrea dumped nearly 3ft of ice on the nation's capital. Weird for a country which is normally hot and dusty.Eritrea is...

More news of terrorists being caught in Kenya


From Mombasa in Kenya, RPS sees that the Police are once again on high alert after they intercepted a vehicle carrying two Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) at Changamwe, in the Mombassa area.Two suspected terrorists were a...

Crazy Friday - Peru - motorbikers light up a runway for medical evacuation


This crazy Friday sees RPS with a consultant in Tunisia so we will be updating you on the security situation there in the next week. But for this Crazy Friday, we go to Peru and find that some 300 motorcycle taxi drivers use...

Kenya - Nairobi carjacking on the increase


RPS has just received more information on the personal security situation in Nairobi. On Tuesday night, a woman was carjacked in the city centre and dumped in the Kitusuru estate.It was reported that Ms Jean Njeri Muhoho, 66...

Sierra Leone -Airlines resume flights to Freetown airport


RPS reported that airlines had suspended flights to Freetown, however yesterday British Airways and Kenya Airways resumed flights to Sierra Leone's Freetown-Lungi International Airport, which services the capital.Although th...

International flights suspended in Sierra Leone - Freetown-Lungi airport


RPS has received reports that several international airlines have suspended flights to and from Sierra Leone's Freetown-Lungi International Airport since 8 March.This development came after an inspection by UN aviation regul...

Entry into Oman


RPS has received an update on entry requirements into Oman. So for any travellers going there, here are the regulations from the FCO.VisasBritish citizens don’t need to get a visa before travelling to Oman. You can get a vis...

Update on Tripoli - Libya


RPS has received some updates on the situation in Tripoli.  Further reports have confirmed that the disturbances seen through the evening last night have led to the GNC building being breached by an unknown number of protest...

Libya - Tripoli


SNE Special Operations Libya have just informed RPS that there have been reports of on-going shooting in the Area of GNC/RIXOS Hotel in Tripoli, Libya.Local Media also now showing on Libyan TV. Further details not known at t...

Update on travel to the Ivory Coast


The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all but essential travel to the western regions of Dix-Huit Montagnes, Haut-Sassandra, Moyen-Cavally and Bas-Sassandra. See the map here for exact locatio...

Kenya - security increases


Kenya has just boosted its airport defence, warning of an Islamist threat. Kenya's security chiefs have decided that the capital's airport is vulnerable to a possible missile attack amid "increased threats of radicalisation"...

Crazy Friday - 5 most annoying things people do at airports...


This week's Carzy Friday is the top 5 most annoying thiings people do at airports. Sure there are lots more. How many do you do? From the Metro newspaper....As if sitting on a smelly plane for hours wasn’t bad enough, there’...

Egypt - tourist bus attacked yesterday


Eygpt has seen more violence yesterday, this time directed against tourists in the South Sinai region.  A tourist bus was attacked yesterday in Taba in South Sinai, close to the Israeli border at Eilat. A blast targeted the ...

Crazy Saturday at the Olympics and travel advice for Israel


Crazy Saturday sees Olympic rings not lighting The opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi ended with a spectacular fireworks display and the traditional lightning of the cauldron on Friday as President Vladim...

Going to Brazil for the World Cup, business or on holiday ?


RPS has partnered with Objective Travel Safety to now offer an extensive briefing pack to help prepare media networks and organisations for the 2014 World Cup. In November 2014 Objective visited every host city looking at th...

Kenya - latest attacks this week against motorists in Nairobi


RPS is posting a security advice for those travelling to Nairobi. We have just received information from Kenya that seems to prove RPS's concerns that carjacking in Nairobi is set to increase. RPS was working in Nairobi just...

Egypt - what next? by RPS's intelligence analyst


RPS's intelligence analyst looks at the situation in Egypt and asks how has it come to this and what is next?The situation in Egypt continues to be highly volatile.On the third anniversary of the Arab Spring, clashes in Cair...

Sochi a look back and a look forward - by RPS's intelligence analayst


RPS's intelligence analyst looks at the threats facing the Winter Olympics in Sochi in the next few weeks. What does the future hold for the region and why?He has examined various sources and now writes this about Sochi:The ...

Crazy Friday - stunning pictures from planes


The world went crazy yesterday with bloodshed and violence hitting many of the countries in which RPS works. If you have any worries about travelling to Egypt, Libya and the Ukraine, please do get in touch on info@rpspartner...

Are you going to Israel or Gaza?


RPS's  consultant has just got back from Israel and having been to Gaza as well, RPS is now offering the following advice.Arriving at Tel Aviv airport, you can now request not to have your passport stamped, instead they will...

It's crazy Sunday in Israel - Mossad and Reality TV join together?


Based on an Israeli show by the same name, "Rising Star" will be a live show where contestants audition in front of an audience. No change there then, you may well say in the UK. It sounds like the X Factor!! But....Singers ...

Russia - Discovery of five bodies in Stavropol prompts security alert


Security forces in Russia's southern city of Stavropol launched a security operation three days ago on 9 January. This followed the reported discovery of at least five bodies and an explosive device late on 8 January.The bod...

Crazy Friday - top tips for not getting scammed in your home!


This Friday we take a look at some basic security tips for when fraudsters come to your home.When a home security salesman comes a-knockin’, beware, pay attention and know what you are getting into. He or she might not be wh...

Uganda and its security challenges


Having already suffered one al-Shabaab attack – the bombing of Kampala in 2010 – Uganda remains one of the states most at threat from future terrorism, due to both its close proximity to Somalia and its participance in the A...

Children are now being targeted in the Central African Republic


As the Central African Republic becomes an ethnic bloodbath, it appears that children in the country have become deliberate targets of armed gangs, according to aid workers.An official with the United Nations Children's Fund...

Kenya in the news again - another grenade attack in Mombasa


RPS reported grenade attacks in Mombasa in mid December and issued a security alert for travellers to Kenya over Christmas.  This advice still stands and as ever RPS would urge travellers to stay vigilant in Kenya. Early thi...

Happy New Year from RPS


Happy New Year from RPS Partnership.2013 has seen too much war and natural devastation hit various regions of the world. Chaos has been too frequent yet stories of hope and good do prevail.As RPS moves forward to 2014, we lo...