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Archive News from RPS Partnership

Travelling to South Korea or thinking of it? Read on as 2016 draws to close


31 December 2016 - RPS PartnershipAs 2016 draws to a close, we thought we would bring you this interesting blog from one of our RPS Partnership consultants who has recently returned from South Korea. Not a place which is oft...

RPS Partnership finishes 2016 with a course for IWMF


RPS Partnership - 27 December 2016As 2016 draws to a close, on behalf of the RPS Partnership Team, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year.Our last Hostile Environment Awareness (also known as...

Understanding the threat following the Xmas market attack in Germany


21 December 2016 - RPS PartnershipThe attack in Germany this week will hit Europe and its neighbours hard. RPS Partenrship now offers "Active Shooter" Training which allows your staff to take control of their security if the...

DR Congo - Large-scale protests expected from 19 December


16 December 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership offers training, advice and assistance with any travel to Africa and we have up to date information from local colleagues on the ground in DR Congo - North Kivu.Contact us on...

Hostile Environment Awareness courses - 2017


13 December 2016 - RPS PartnershipHostile Environment Training Dates in 2017RPS Partnership is pleased to now be offering 3 day Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses. This is sometimes also called Hostile Env...

Planning to travel to Colombia in South America? Read on...


7 December 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe can provide you with advice and training for travel to Central and South America. Our Lead Consultant has just returned from Mexico and can provide up to date and up to the minute advice. ...

How to keep your money safe whilst travelling


30 November 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership can advise you on all your travel requirements overseas. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com and have a look at our training packages.This great article shows you how to ke...

The 48 organisations that can see your entire online browsing history, even if you delete it


28 November 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you this interesting article about the new laws just being brought in in the United Kingdom. A blogger has created a list of all the people who will be able to request...

Early Morning Run in… Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso


23 November 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership consultants have been running training in West Africa throughout 2016. We are proud to say that we have trained in excess of 300 staff in security, first aid and crisis manag...

Planning to travel to Northern Iraq? Read on...


8 November 2016 - RPS PartnershipTravel to ErbilErbil in Northern Iraq-Kudistan seems to be the hot place to go this November, particularly for journalists, NGO and humanitarian workers. We have a consultant in Erbil who bri...

What is the “true cost” of Active Shooter Training?


21 October 2016 - RPS PartnershipEarlier this month, RPS Partnership was privileged to speak at the Autumn Seminar for The UK Chapter of ASIS International (a leading organization for security professionals). RPS Partnership...

Ethiopia update


12 October 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you this update for anyone travelling or planning to travel to Ethiopia in the coming weeks. Contact us for travel awareness training to this region on info@rpspartners...

What is Training of Trainers?


12 October 2016 - RPS PartnershipEvery thought about training your staff to be Trainers, whether in the UK or overseas?Have a look here to see our work with trainee Trainers; Syrian trainees - we have been training and mento...

Hostile Environment Awareness courses - what our delegates say


29 September 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe don't usually post testimonials from our course participants, however in this case we thought it may be good to give a feel for how much our delegates have enjoyed our courses. Contact u...

Gabon - unrest likely tomorrow 23 September 2016


22 September 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is bringing you this travel warning for Gabon, for tomorrow. We have received an alert which has warned of widespread unrest in Gabon tomorrow - 23 September 2016. We urge t...

Travelling to South Sudan? Update on spread of diseases


11 September 2016 - RPS PartnershipAnyone travelling to South Sudan at present should be aware of the recent outbreak of infectious diseases. contact info@rpspartnership.com for more information and training courses to enabl...

Update for travellers in Gabon


1 September 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you this update on the situation in Gabon. We are advising all travellers in Libreville to stay in their homes or hotels until the situation becomes clearer. We are ad...

Travelling to Gaziantap near the Syrian border - read here for our helpful travel safety advice


30 August 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact us for travel safety advice and training on info@rpspartnership.com. We can provide your staff with training so they can travel safely with confidence and you are assured they can deal...

Travelling to Beirut ? - Top Tips if your bags are delayed


25 August 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe offer travel awareness training for those travelling to difficult, remote and challenging locations. Contact us for more information on info@rpspartenrship.comTravelling to Lebanon? Read on...

Ukraine / Russia: Tensions escalate over alleged Ukrainian incursions into Crimea


10 August 2016 - RPS PartnershipNews from Ukraine is worrying, according to PGI risk assessments. RPS Partnership warns of the tensions and how it may affect travellers in the region and those planning to go there. Contact u...

Do YOU leave your bags with hotel reception after checking out?


4 August 2016 - RPS PartnershipDo YOU leave your bags with hotel reception after checking out? If luggage is stolen you could be left out of pocket by insurers. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com for travel awareness cour...

Travelling to Thailand on holiday? Read our travel advice


28 July 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe offer travel awareness training for business travellers and holiday makers as well as those living and working overseas for a longer duration. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com for detail...

RPS Partnership back in Kenya and giving you top tips for travel there.


21 July 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has just returned from Kenya, where our Head of Training ran medical and security training for journalists going on assignment to Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African...

Turkey - security conditions remain tense and fluid following coup attempt


18 July 2916 - RPS PartnershipFollowing the unexpected coup attempt over the weekend, RPS advises that the situation is still tense in Istanbul and Ankara and travellers to Turkey may wish to heed the following update. If  y...

Update on South Sudan - limited flights to resume


14 July 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is bringing you up to date information about South Sudan. If you are there or planning travel there, please contact us on info@rpspartnership.com for more information and advice. We can prov...

Kenya -ownership rule for foreign companies comes into force


12 July 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been working in Kenya for many years and we assist organisations to live and work there in Nairobi and up country as well as in the region. We run first aid courses, security...

South Sudan in turmoil again


11 July 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been monitoring South Sudan closely and the latest violence has now shaken the fragile peace that was holding in the area. We have recent news that the airport is not officia...

Do we need to be able to speak another language when working overseas?


24 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe run courses for staff who work overseas in remote challenging and often difficult locations. We provide training in security, first aid and crisis management. Have a look here for our range ...

Beware of thieves on scooters in London


21 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for more information and training on personal security in both the UK and overseas. Motorbikes in Mali are common and often used in many countries to steal handb...

Update from Brazil on new intelligence received about ISIS and the Olympics


19 June 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you this latest information from Brazil. O Globo newspaper has published this article about the threats of ISIS during the Olympic games. The information received was conf...

Reminder - Hostile Environments Awareness Course 5- 7 July register NOW


12 June 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe wanted to remind you that our next 3 day Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses takes place 5-7 July 2016. Our course is designed for those travelling to and working in difficu...

Training of Trainers for Libyan journalists


7 June 2016 - RPS PartnershipAs you know, RPS Partnership has just come back from Tunisia, where we ran phase two of our Training of Trainers for the the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), in collaboration with Chi...

Somalia hotel terror attack: Ten dead as 'Al-Shabaab gunmen' storm Mogadishu venue popular with Westerners


1 June 2016 - RPS PartnershipJust as everyone was starting to think it was "quiet in Mogadishu". We frequently get asked whether it is dangerous right now. Our answer is always the same. Just because there have not been any ...

RPS in Mali, Senegal and Ivory Coast


31 May 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe have had a busy month running training in West Africa in the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. Personal security awareness training as well as emergency first aid for difficult and hostile situat...

RPS is back in Tunisia supporting Libyan journalists


16 May 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for any queries about travel to the Middle East or North Africa. We provide advice, training and consultancy for any organisation working overseas in remote, diffi...

RPS works with the International Women's Media Foundation in Kenya


15 May 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is proud to be supporting the IWMF (International Women's Media Foundation) with its African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative, which was created in 2014, building on the success of earlier IW...

Top tips for working as a journalist in Turkey


12 May 2016 - RPS PartnershipThere are various security threats for international journalists working in Turkey right now and they all have different levels of seriousness depending on what you are doing and where you are go...

RPS works with the International Women's Media Foundation in Mexico and Kenya


29 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is supporting the IWMF (International Women's Media Foundation) with its new "Latin America Reporting Initiative".Contact us for travel to Mexico and South America and for support and train...

Alert for travel to Mozambique


28 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is bringing you an alert posted by PGI today. Contact us for any assistance if you are in Mozambique or are planning to travel there soon. We can advise, support and train you. Contact us o...

Landmark ruling may affect the way NGOs assess their security


25 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership offers training for and planning in crisis management. A landmark ruling and the court case that led to it, will have a significant impact on the aid and NGO sector. Contact inf...

Why volunteer to fight The Islamic State?


20 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership can advise you on travel to difficult, remote and hostile areas. Please contact us on info@rpspartnership.com for more details or browse through our training courses here.Emile ...

Kidnap risk increases in Angola


17 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe bring you this alert from red24 who have just increased the kidnap risk rating for Angola from low to medium. This increase is in light of a reassessment of the risk in the capital, Luanda, ...

16th April - The People’s Assembly March in London


12 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you this advice from the Metropolitan Police in Central London. This advice is mainly aimed at businesses in the area.Attached is their flyer for advice for local busines...

Welcome to Bhutan, the tiny Himalayan kingdom where happiness is more valuable than money!


8 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS brings you this fantastic article from Business Insider about a peaceful place where they say that happiness is more valuable than money.Contact us for travel advice and training for all ove...

3 day Hostile Environment Awareness Training Course 3 - 5 May 2016


6 April 2016 - RPS PartnershipWe will still have places on our May course; 3-5 May. Please get in touch to secure your place. You can download our registration form at the bottom of this page. Email this to RPS Head of Train...

The borders of Mexico - Ciudad Juarez is also the city of missing women


3 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipMexico: Ciudad Juarez, the city of missing women, says By Matthieu COMIN and Laurence CUVILLIER of France 24.We mostly think of the borders of Mexico as being lawless and run by drug Lords. Here...

South Sudan remains fragile


29 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS has a consultant travelling to South Sudan in April so if you have any travel concerns or require advice or training please do not hesitate to get in touch on info@rpspartnership.comToday w...

Southern Turkey getting tense


23 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is bringing you an update from the Southern region of Turkey in the Nusaybin area to the south of Diyabakir. Our consultant on the ground is reporting that things are tense in the border ar...

Travel to Brussels


22 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact us on info@rpspartnership.com today if you have any travel concerns for Belgium and Turkey.A suspected terrorist bombing at Brussels Zaventem airport has left at least 11 people dead an...

An Early morning run in Juba - South Sudan


18 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS brings you another blog from Mark Reading, our expert advisor from West Africa. RPS will be running traning for an international NGO in Juba next month and will bring you an insight to trav...

Ivory Coast - hotels targeted on beach resort


14 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for any travel to West Africa, particularly the Ivory Coast. RPS knows this area well and can give sound advice for travel there as well as design training cours...

Travelling to Indonesia? Take extra care right now


8 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you the latest advice if you are thinking of travelling to Indonesia. We bring it to you from Focus Taiwan. Interesting if you are planning to work there or go off on h...

Brazil - Civil unrest to persist throughout 2016


7 March 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS has been working in Brazil for the last 3 years, supporting their media working in the favellas. Contact info@rpspartnership.com for all travel enquiries to Brazil. RPS brings this interesti...

RPS is pleased to announce 3 day Hostile Environment Awareness Training courses in April and May


2 February 2016 - RPS Partnership RPS is one of the leading providers of Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses in the UK. We uniquely have both male and female UK qualified trainers who are experienced at rec...

RPS security alert for Kenya


29 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS is bringing you an alert just received from various sources with regards to travel to Kenya. Contact info@rpspartnership.com for any planned travel to Kenya and for any travel awareness ...

How to stay safe in your hotel


23 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipGreat ideas for how to stay safe at your hotel, written by Stuart Anderson. We thought you may like to see his ideas and RPS will add some of its own to help you as you navigatge the world s...

RPS now offers Conflict Management and Disengagement Skills Training programmes


16 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS are delighted to announce that we now have male and female trainers who are qualified to deliver and certify Maybo Conflict Management and Physical Intervention skills. You may need thes...

A look at Abidjan, Ivory Coast - from a runner's perspective


15 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS knows Abidjan well and likes working in the vibrant city which is the capital of the Ivory Coast. Contact us if you are planning to live or work there. We can run training and provide su...

This week's update around the Middle East


8 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipFor any travel or training requirements for working specifically in the Middle East or North Africa please contact us on info@rpspartnership.comToday we are bringing you reports from around t...

RPS update for this week


5 February 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for any travel concerns or queries on planning projects overseas in either complex, remote challenging or hostile enviroments.It is good to see trainees of RPS...

A backward rucksack - great new invention for travellers


20 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for any travel concerns or training for frequent travellers. We offer travel security awareness training for those frequent travellers as well as staff who hav...

RPS is supporting freedom of expression for journalists in Libya


18 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact info@rpspartnership.com for any queries about travel to the Middle East or North Africa. We provide advice, training and consultancy for any organisation working overseas in remote, d...

Off to Tripoli in Libya? Read on for security advice


15 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipPlease contact us if you are thinking of working in Libya or travelling there for work. We can advise you on travel security, training and contingency planning. Contact us on info@rpspartners...

Travelling to Turkey? You may face tighter security in Istanbul


12 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipAs more suicide bombs go off around Europe and other regions, you may be concerned about your staff travelling abroad. RPS runs travel security awareness courses for staff travelling overseas...

The courier scam - don't get caught out!!!


7 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact us for any of your security concerns, whether it is travel queries,seucrity advice or crisis management planning. We can write your plans, policies and procedures if you need us to. Co...

Owning Gold Is One Thing, Storing It Quite Another


5 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership offers security consultancy for any sector. We offer a review of your security procedures and protocols and if necessary can also write them for you. We can offer physical secu...

Travelling to New Zealand or interested in going there? Read on...


1 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipContact RPS Partnership for all your travel queries or concerns for personal security. If you are interested in crisis management training do get in touch. Wishing you a very happy New Year.Ou...