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Archive News from RPS Partnership

Are you a journalist planning to cover the World Cup in 2018? Get ready early


So as 2017 is finishing we are looking to 2018 and the Football World Cup in the summer 2018; it may seem a long way in the future, but it is important to get ready early. So here are some thoughts just as everyone is gettin...

RPS Partnership Study and Training Day


22 November 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership recently ran its annual study and training day for the senior management  and training team. Ryan Swindale and Caroline Neil both welcomed their team and as part of the train...

Zimbabwe finally gets its Regime change - "coup" in progress


17 November 2017 - RPS PartnershipUpdate on 17 November 2017Some Media trying to get into Zimbabwe on tourist visas are getting stopped and sent back to the country they came from.The Media Commission has now confirmed that ...

Safety Resources for Freelance Journalists


10 November 2017 - RPS PartnershipCath Mossom, RPS Partnership's Head of Training, has been working with IWMF and the ACOS Alliance over the last year running First Aid training with security training. She was interviewed by...

Kenyan Elections becoming increasingly violent


27 October 2017 - RPS PartnershipBACKGROUNDYesterday, Thursday 26 October 2017, Kenyans went to the polls in the controversial re-run of the presidential election between the prominent politicians, Mr Raila Odinga and the in...

Brazil - Manaus is a dangerous place to work


22 October 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been working hard to train organistaions working in Brazil, in particular in Manaus. If you are interested in the work we are doing there, please contact us for more infor...

Malta - Investigative journalists killed - 6 car bombs in the country in 18 months


RPS Partnership - 20 October 2017Investigative journalists in many countries of the world fight a daily battle to stay alive and none was more the case than Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed two days ago by a bomb place...

Earthquake in Mexico - photos from our course participants


RPS Partnership - 10 October 2017Cath Mossom, Head of Training for RPS Partnership, was in Mexico and witnessed first hand the destruction and panic that quickly spread across Mexico city.Cath was actually sat in a parked ta...

How to Recognise the Sound of Gunshots


RPS Partnership - 5 October 2017One of RPS Partnership's weapons exeprts speaks to Time magazine about how to recognise the sound of gunshots when caught up in a terrorist or lone gunman type of incident. Kevin Beale tells u...

How safe is it to visit Kenya?


RPS Partnership - 3 October 2017Ryan Swindale talks to Safe Travels Magazine here.He was asked how safe is it to visit Kenya? Here we bring you some of what he said to them.Kenya is a great place to visit for both work or a ...

How safe is it to visit Tunisia?


24 September 2017 - RPS PartenrshipWe provide training to your staff to prepare them for domestic and international travel - general crisis management training, security awareness and hostile environment training. Crisis man...

Tensions increase in Libya


22 Septebmer 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe have just received news that tensions have increased in Tripoli ahead of a demonstration scheduled to take place on Sept. 25 in Martyrs' Square.Contact us on  if you plan to travel to Li...

RPS Partnership's Head of Training caught in earthquake in Mexico


20 September 2017 - RPS PartnershipLast night UK time, RPS Partnership had to use its emergency protocols as our Head of Training, Cath Mossom, was caught in the earthquake which took place in Mexico city. She was fortunate ...

RPS Partnership working in South Sudan


19 September 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership’s Head of Training, Cath Mossom, has just returned from a successful trip to South Sudan training the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).Contact RPS Partnership o...

Terrorist incident in London


15 September 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact us on info@rpspartnership.com for more information on how to stay safe and what to do during a terrorist attack. If you are worried today and in London and not sure what you do, ple...

Will you go to Tunisia on holiday?


22 August 2017 - RPS PartnershipAssessing whether there is a threat against you if you travel to a country is a tricky thing to do. Some organisations have a whole raft of staff who do this for a living and even then, they s...

Terrorist attack in Burkina Faso - contact us if you are concerned


14 August 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact RPS Partnership on info@rpspartenrship.com for advice and training if you are planning to travel to Burkina Faso in the next few days or weeks. If you are in Burkina Faso and need advi...

Travel Advice During The Kenya Elections


4 August 2017 – RPS PartnershipKenya goes to the polls on August 8th to vote in what has become an increasingly violent and bloody run up to the election this year.Contact RPS Partnership on info@rpspartenrship.com for advic...

Travelling in Venezuela? Think about your personal security


31 July 2017 - RPS PartenershipFatalities During Civil Unrest in Venezuela and on-going tensions as the election polls openVenezuela has been experiencing increasing political turmoil since April 2017 due to demonstrations a...

RPS Partnership talks about terrorism in Cumbria


26 July 2017 - RPS PartnershipIn this week's edition of The Cumberland News, Mark Green talks to RPS Partnership’s Managing Director, Caroline Neil and Chief Operating Officer Ryan Swindale, about how we are all a soft targe...

Life in Libya Today


Very little is known about what life is really like in Libya these days for the average Libyan.  At RPS Partnership we have a Libyan colleague, a former journalist,  based in Libya, who updates us about the local situation a...

Travel Warning for Tourists in Bolivia


16 July 2017 - RPS PartnershipBoth the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK and the US Department of State have issued travel warnings today for tourists in the Isla del Sol and Lake Titicaca area of Bolivia.If you ...

Egypt Attack 14 July 2017 - contact us if you are concerned


14 July 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact us if you are concerned or need any training for travel overseas. Please call us for an informal chat if you are worried. You can reach us on info@rpspartnership.comAccording to initial ...

Update on the Internet in Mogadishu, Somalia


4 July 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership's consultant has just returned from Mogadishu. We are getting up to the minute information on what is taking place on the ground in the capital of Somalia.Contact us on info@rpspa...

RPS Partnership trains 61 national and local journalists in Thailand and Brazil


28 June 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you exciting news on its latest projects supporting and training local journalists in South America and Asia.Our trainers have just returned from Brazil and Thailand, wher...

Update on the situation in Qatar


6 June 2017 - RPS PartnershipThe Middle East is changing and you may need advice or training to travel there or to work there. Contact us for Crisis Management Training, Travel Awareness or First Aid Training.We bring you th...

RPS Partnership teaches journalists to wait before rushing in after a bomb attack


3 June 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe have been running Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), also named Hostile Environment Training (HET), for many years now and our trainers and consultants are experienced at being cau...

Planning a trip to Iran? Read on....


19 May 2017 - RPS PartnershipIran is one of those places to which everyone wants to go. But you are either too nervous, you believe the media reports and then you are too scared to go or you just think it is going to be plai...

Update on the Ivory Coast


17 May 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact us for more information on our training courses and to book your place on our next Hostile Environment Awareness Trainnig (HEAT) or sometimes referred to as Hostile Environment Training c...

Travel advice for Ivory Coast


15 May 2017 - RPS PartnershipFlash news from our contact, Richard Johnson of Northcott Global Solutions on the ground.At present the continued unrest in Abidjan and surrounding areas continues.  Areas of the city namely the ...

Update on Benghazi airport, Libya


5 May 2017 - RPS PartnershipFor those of you working in Libya, you may find this news of interest. Contact us if you plan to travel there to assist you with advice, training and support. Libya is still a dangerous country an...

Brazil disruption today


28 April 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been working in Brazil for over 8 years and will be back there next month. So if you are planning to work or travel there, do get in touch with us for advice and training on...

The future of terrorism in Senegal - keep your eyes on Dakar


24 April 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been working in Senegal since 2016 and brings you this interesting look at the future of terrorism in this country; one which does not appear much in international headlines...

Another whatsapp scam


19 April 2017 - RPS PartnershipEvery week brings us a new cyber scam. We wanted to let you know about this one, as we all use whatsapp on a daily basis. Contact us if we can help you. We have cyber experts who can advise, tr...

"I was in Stockholm today"


8 April 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact us if you are interested in Active Shooter Training info@rpspartnership.comJust as we were about to leave our meeting the terrorists struck in Stockholm. Thankfully we were not caught up...

Security update just in from Russia


3 April - RPS PartnershipWe have just received this security alert from Russia and wanted to share it as quickly as possible. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com if you need any advice or training to travel to difficult or...

Update on flying from Beirut


26 March 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe posted on Friday about flying back from Lebanon before we had flown, said Caroline Neil of RPS Partnership.I think we were all hoping that they would not carry out the "laptop ban" this week...

Advice for concerned people in London


22 March 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe are posting this advice as the attack in London today is being treated as a terrorist attack. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com if you need further information or advice on what to do fo...

New rules regarding laptops on planes will affect us all


21 March 2017 - RPS Partnership"Well today we greet the news that we will not be able to take laptops into the cabins of planes leaving the Middle East, Just the countries on the list?" says Caroline Neil, Director of RPS Pa...

Time for Journalists to encrypt everything?


15 March 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership works with journalists all over the globe and is supporting the International Womens' Media Foundation in its training of national and international journalists in Africa and So...

Pakistan update on latest bombings


5 March 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe bring you this edited analysis of the situation in Pakistan from PGI. Contact us on info@rpspartnership.com for information and training for travel to Pakistan. See our gallery for photos of ...

News from Libya - airports reopen


14 February 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings you news for those travellers planning to work in Libya. Airports have been a big issue for travellers heading out to work in the country. Contact us on info@rpspartne...

Hostile Environment Awareness Training course - MARCH 2017


10 February 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has a few places left on the 3 day HEAT course taking place near Wokingham, West Berkshire on the following dates:Monday 5th - Wednesday 8th March 2017Contacts us on cath@rps...

Forewarning of demonstrations in Tunisia and Nigeria


3 March 2017 - RPS PartnershipWe are bringing you news from North and West Africa. News from Tunisia and Nigeria warns us of demonstrations next week.Contact us if you are travelling to either location and require training, ...

Hotel ransomed by hackers as guests locked out of rooms


30 January 2017 - RPS PartnershipContact us on info@rpspartnership.com for more advice on travel security and training. Have a look at our travel security awareness courses.This highlights hotel security posted on The Local ...

Travelling to China on business? Think about using a VPN


25 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipAnyone who has ever travelled to China on business will know that the Government is paranoid about digital security. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a must to by pass the blanket fir...

Travelling to Beirut - increased security from this weekend


23 January 2016 - RPS PartnershipLebanonRPS Partnership has been travelling to Lebanon and Beirut for a number of years. The terrorist threat has been hanging over the city for many years and more recently the threat has bec...

Gambia political crisis: What happens next?


19 January 2017 - RPS Partnership"Yahya Jammeh is refusing to stand down and has the support of his army chief" is the headline from the BBC today, after RPS Partnership tweeted "what is the position of the Gambian Army?". H...

News Alert for Gambia


18 January 2017 - RPS PartnershipAs the political, and with it potentially the security, situation deteriorates in the Gambia, travellers are being advised to leave the country, when they can.The British Foreign and Commonwe...

News for North Kivu, Democratic Republic Congo


16 January 2017 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership brings this warning from the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The security situation is rated as high and dangerous for foreigners working the area.The Go...

Early Morning Run in... Khartoum


2 January 2017 - RPS PartnershipAs 2017 begins we bring you this light hearted blog (abridged) from RPS Partnership's good friend and colleague in West Africa, Mark Reading. If you have any travel queries or requirements for...