Are you travelling to Abuja - Nigeria?

Posted: 24/04/2019

24 April 2019 - RPS Partnership

One of our trainnig teams has just returned from Abuja, Nigeria and we thought her top tips on travelling there would be interesting for anyone planning to go there for work or travelling. Pls contact us on [email protected] if you need more information or training prior to travel.

Airport arrival

You arrive at terminal 1; the British Airways flight arrives early at 0400, so make sure you wake up properly before you leave the terminal; you will need to be awake! 

Once you get off plane, go into arrivals; where you need to get a visa.  The Visa office is on the left, you can pay for the visa online/in advance then get the visa on arrival.  Stick to the left wall, go around the corner into a chaotic small office. Remember when you come out to go to the booths to get the visa in your passport, but then you need entry stamp. Don't forget this as you will be sent back if you don't get it.

Pick up at the airport

Come out and pick up your bag.  Keep the baggage label to match it up, as you leave.  Turn right and walk out.  The pick up point is on the other side of the slope next to the car park. There are military and police as you exit who clear the space to exit.

Hotels and money exchange

The Sheraton is a safe hotel; as are most international hotel chains.   You can change money at the hotel and this is a safer option than in the streets.

Using a credit card is a risk so avoid using one.  We recommend cash only exchange using $100 or $50 bills. Try to get 1000 Naira bills in exchange. If youhave to use a credit card pre plan this and load money on, so you are not as vulnerable with a high credit limit.

Personal security

There is exploitation of expatriates at night by commercial sex workers in hotel bars.  Do any business you have in the hotel lobby or a conference room.  Recommended not to walk aorund at night; if you have to go out, ensure you get picked up and dropped by a reputable driver.  Using taxis - Uber during the day is fine.  We recommend not to trust any strangers youmeet and be vigilant and have your wits about you.  In the lead up to Xmas, street crime is high as money in short supply.

Medical advice

You do not need a yellow fever certificate at present.  We recommend not drinking tap water, even for brushing teeth,; use bottled water only.  Malarone is the recommended anti-malarial.

Pls contact us for more information prior to travel on [email protected]

Photos: RPS Partnership in Abuja, Nigeria

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