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Brazil - Manaus is a dangerous place to work


22 October 2017 - RPS Partnership

RPS Partnership has been working hard to train organistaions working in Brazil, in particular in Manaus. If you are interested in the work we are doing there, please contact us for more information on info@rpspartnership.com

Our next Hostile Environment and First Aid Training course (HEFAT/HEAT/HET) course is running 20-22 November 2017. Please contact us for details and to reserve your place today. Please download the flyer attached for more details.

Our consultant in Brazil sends us this update on the security situation in Brazil, in particular in Manaus.

Latin America holds the undesirable distinction of having the most cities on the Mexico Citizens Council for Public Security's annual ranking of the world's most violent cities.

Of the 50 cities on the list, 41 are in Latin America, including 21 in Brazil.

In 2016, Manaus is 23rd place in terms of homicides (47.87 homicides per 100,000 residents). In 2015, 34 homicides took place in just a weekend. In that time, 12 police officers were arrested, accused of participation in the killings. On average, the city registered 7 robberies inside local buses per day.

Bad neighbourhoods

The city of Manaus has neighborhoods in red zones, according to the authorities and these include:

  • Jorge Teixeira (East Zone)
  • Monte das Oliveiras (North Zone)
  • Colônia Terra Nova (North Zone)
  • Compensa (West Zone)
  • Novo Israel
  • Santa Etelvina
  • Cidade de Deus
  • Tancredo Neves

Neighborhoods which are assessed as being safer in Manaus

  • Adrianópolis
  • Ponta Negra (one of the richest neighborhood in Brazil)
  • Nossa Senhora das Graças (Vieiralves)
  • Parque 10 de Novembro
  • Aleixo
  • Chapada
  • Flores
  • Dom Pedro I
  • Parque das Laranjeiras
  • Vila Buriti
  • São Geraldo
  • Nossa Senhora Aparecida
  • Japiim
  • Nova Esperança
  • Da Paz
  • São Francisco
  • Planalto
  • Tarumã
  • Centro
  • Santo Agostinho
  • Cachoeirinha
  • São Jorge

Contact us if you are planning to travel to Brazil and we can advise and assist you in the planning of your trip; whether for business or for personal travel. info@rpspartnership.com

Photo: RPS Partnership in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil