Dengue Fever Alert

Posted: 07/08/2019

7 August 2019 - RPS Partnership

Travellers should take precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites following the declaration of a national dengue alert in the Philippines on 15th July. 106,630 cases have been recorded from January to June this year. This represents an 85% increase compared to the same period in 2018.

Meanwhile, similar alerts have been posted by the Brazilian Public Health Department aimed at travellers in Minas Gerais state and its capital city, Belo Horizionte. As of 8th July, at least 438,666 probable cases of dengue and 107 fatalities were reported in multiple municipalities.

In many other countries, dengue is also imposing a large and rapidly growing burden. The World Health Organisation classifies dengue as one of the seventeen ‘Neglected Tropical Diseases’ and it has become a disease of global significance. The number of countries subject to infection is increasing and there have been recent reports of cases also occurring in cooler temperate climates.

For the latest information about the signs and symptoms to look out for, treatment and prevention methods, read the comprehensive Dengue Medical Briefing written with business travellers in mind from Healix.

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Photo: With thanks to Healix

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