"Female Traveller Safety Considerations" Webinar 22 April 2020

Posted: 21/04/2020

We are excited to announce that we will be working with SheTravel to host and online event on 22 April 2020 and we hope that you can join us. 

Our Female Traveller Safety Considerations webinar will take place on the 22nd April Wednesday at 1800hrs. During these challenging times, the webinar will allow us to take a moment to go back to basics and discuss the foundations of personal safety to provide you with top safety tips to take with you when it is safe to travel again.

We will be joined by Caroline Neil, the Managing Director of RPS Partnership, who will give advice on staying safe while travelling. Caroline has provided training and advice for a broad range of companies and NGOs; from large media corporations to international charities and governments. She has also worked as Head of High-Risk Security at the BBC, where she advised the senior leadership team and war zone journalists on crisis management. Throughout her diverse career, she has worked extensively in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and has also worked in Central and South America.

During the Female Traveller Safety Considerations webinar, we will also discuss intuition and the role that fear can play in sending survival signals that can protect us from violence. As Gavin de Becker writes in his book “The Gift of Fear”, intuition is not something magical, out of the blue knowledge that just appears from nowhere. Intuition is your brain picking up signals of all the information that is consciously or unconsciously available for you, sending a message that something may not be quite right. “Predictions of stranger-to-stranger crimes must usually be based on few details, but even the simplest street crime is preceded by a victim selection process that follows a protocol.”

According to de Becker, more complicated crimes, such as committed by serial rapists or killers, require that a series of specific conditions to be met: “Some aspects of victim selection (being the right appearance or “type”, for example) are generally outside the victim’s influence. However some aspects, such as accessibility, setting and circumstance are determinable and can be influenced by you."

The seminar will not replace the one-day comprehensive female traveller safety workshop, but it will be a beneficial overview of the safety considerations for female travellers. Please get in touch with SheTravel to book your place. https://shetravel.co.uk/events/female-traveller-safety-considerations/

A second event is being held where inspiring speakers will chat to us about their travels. Again please contact SheTravel for more information and to book your place.


Contact [email protected] if you are interested in webinars for your organisations.

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