Final training with WISE - Kenya

Posted: 28/11/2021

Our final training together with the aamzingly experienced Kate Wilden, learning about leadership and how to lead as a woman in a male dominated sector.

Brainstorming, working in breakout groups and learning in the virtual classroom all led to getting some great feedback and remembering what we had learnt on our journry each month since July 2021.

Hoping to visit Kenya in 2022 to continue with our mutual support.

With many thanks to WISE (Women in Safety Excellence) as an organistion and the brilliant management team who lead the experienced women.

With thanks to the UK and Kenya based team for giving their time, enthusiasm and support to this fantastic project.

Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Claire McQueen, Liley Fogarty, Sharon Haye, Lesley Hall, Kate Wilden, Ellie Bird-Lenawarungu, Anna Averkiou, CLaire Sephard and Caroline Neil, MD of RPS Partnership, who worked in collaboration with Monicah Kimeu of WISE.

Contact us if you are in Kenya and would like to talk over how we can help you when we come to Kenya in March 2022. Contact us on [email protected]

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