FIRST COURSE - Young People - Female Traveller Safety Awareness Course

Posted: 10/03/2020

On Sunday we ran our first Female Safety Awareness Training programme for Young People for a secondary school in Abingdon. 

A group of young women, aged 15-19 years old came along, slightly bleary eyed and a few somewhat hungover, to learn how to navigate the world of festivals and travel.

What an impressive group of 15 young women, sensible in approach to their own safety at festivals and keen to prepare properly to go travelling. We treated them as adults and allowed them space to work things out for themselves. We also talked about how to manage "Mum and Dad" and ensure they are happy with the plan. We brought in the parent who had organised the whole day and they had to present their plans to him to pass muster! He was certainly impressed by their maturity.

Some feedback from their parents said some amazing things and we are pleased that our training hit the mark.

"Olivia and Alicia thoroughly enjoyed the day and spent the whole journey home telling me about what they had learned! I think it was a really worthwhile exercise for them to have undertaken and certainly opened their eyes to some very important considerations not just planning for a trip and when they are travelling but also more generally the risks they potentially face in life."

"Emma was really buzzing when she got in and had lots of really useful tips and information to pass on to us. She remembered a huge amount of what was covered and was keen to look into the helpful items to take abroad, e.g. the alarm doorstop. She also found the guidelines on getting taxis, harassment, the self-defence practicals and staying in hostels really useful. Em felt the day was tailored to the correct audience age group and found the handouts very useful."

"Caroline (the trainer) was excellent and kept it relevant and interesting for the girls. It was a great opportunity to make them more aware of the environment around them and the problems that they may encounter both here and abroad. There were also some great practical tips on keeping themselves and their belongings safe." 

"Phoebe would definitely recommend the course to her friends and many thanks again and I think this is the type of course that schools should look at providing for their Sixth Form students."

As a pilot course, we were keen to hear the feedback from the young people, so we listened - one comment which was that the day was too long, from 0900-1630. In future, we would maybe try to shorten some of the subjects or teach them in a different way. We will also be including food safety when travelling and more training on what to do in medical emergencies.

We spent a lot of time going over what to do with drunken friends, friends who had had too much to drink or taken drugs and how to get the emergency services to the person when you are in the middle of a field at a festival! 

"What3words"which is a useful app, can be used in the UK and overseas (but only tested by RPS Partnerhip in the UK) and can assist in locating a person and their phone. Just what you need at a festival when you can't remember where you are or you can't find your tent!!

Ladies it was a real pleasure to work with you, so now go, travel, enjoy the world and stay safe.

Contact us on [email protected] if you are interested in running this training for single sex or mixed groups. We are also running a "Festival  SAFE and SAVVY" course for those embarking just on going to festivals.

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