Global Media Organisation trained in Conflict Management and Self Defence

Posted: 28/12/2022

RPS Partnership trained over 40 female members of staff of a commerical TV media organisation just before christmas in conflict management and self defence. Men as well as women need a safe space to chat over their experiences and to find ways to manage conflict in the workplace and in their personal lives. 

We discussed what harrassment was, the differing tolerances of individuals for harrassment and then trained in self defence should it be needed in the face of agressiion and violence. It is of course, interesting to see what is acceptable in different situations; is touching your arm acceptable?  is touching your lower back acceptable? touching your knee? sexual innuendos at work? someone raising their voice to you? bullying you? It is so hard to define what it acceptable and what staff are willing to put up with! It truly differs.

We have tools we can use; ignore, call it out, stay silent, educate, non verbal gestures, physical deflection and physcial interventions. Deter, Detect, Defuse?

So how can men help in a media organisation

After this training, RPS Partnership's MD, Caroline Neil, was asked as a guest speaker to join the panel discussion and Q and A to explore how men can make women feel safer in today's society. This panel discussion took place within the media organisation and was a joint collaboration between "4Womxn" and "The Shed" to mark the end of "Movember" and the Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

The objective of the session was to build empathy amongst male members of staff with regards to what women experience in terms of fear for their safety, so they can recognise the scale of the challenge and how it affects women living in London and beyond. The panel sought to drive an understanding of what some of the societal root causes might be and to enducate and empower both women and men to understand how they can be part of the solution. An amazing disucssion with a large number of participants from within the organisation.

Caroline outlined some top tips for how men can assist us to make change:

  • Be positive in your attitude to your female work colleagues
  • Include women in social events and make social events inclusive of women
  • If you hear lurid or inappropriate comments, say something!
  • Who is "creepy X" at work? Is there someone whom the women and girls feel afraid of or don't want to be alone with? If yes, speak to them, call them out on their behaviours.
  • Don't be a different person at work or a night out with the guys and then change when at home
  • Set a good example to your colleagues, make your Mum, sisters, grandmothers, nieces, daughters proud
  • If a woman asks you to look after her drink, LOOK AFTER IT!! Drink spiking is more common than we think
  • Ask how your female and male friends are getting home, then assist them if they are worse for wear
  • Be mindful of harrassment - prevent it, highlight it, report it, call it out!!

Contact us on [email protected] if you need any further information or need any training in conflict management and self defence.

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