Hostile Environments Training - still needed as ever before

Posted: 29/11/2020

This year is a weird one, we all know that, BUT....the fact remains that countries are still fragile, still affected by conflict and are still remote and hazardous. And people still need to work in these dangerous places as well as travel there. You may be a journalist or working for a NGO or an infrastructure multinational. Work still continues in these areas of the world.

Our Hostile Environment and First Aid  courses are as relevant today as they were before the global pandemic. In fact probably more so now. This year we have trained journalists from many organisations as well as NGOs and humanitarians. We have still managed to get to Cyrpus and Iraq, Kurdistan to deliver taining to local staff, as well as training international staff in the UK and Europe.

We can now run these courses in your country, or do adjusted training within a virtual classroom. We keep the numbers to a usual classroom size and to ensure we can have discussions and breakout groups as we would normally do.

Subjects can be diverse but you get to really decide what you want and need for your staff. We obvioulsy can advise you and it will depend not only on where your staff are going but what they are doing there.

  • Planning with Covid-19 in mind
  • Journey Management 
  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Security and Dis-engagement Skills
  • Demonstrations and civil  unrest
  • Abduction / Hostage Situations
  • High Impact Crimes
  • Weapon Awareness
  • Mines / IEDs / UXOs
  • Medical training and Remote Trauma - amended
  • Health and Hygiene in Natural Disasters
  • Crisis management - what if it all goes wrong!

We are being asked more and more to assist investigative jorunalists, who find themselves at risk around the globe and our expert trainers have vast experience of working with state sponsored violence as well as criminal and terrorist threats. Call us to see how we can assist you on +44 (0) 1225 290210.

We are happy to have an informal chat with you, so contact us on [email protected] to arrange this call.

Photos: Training AFP media staff in Cyprus.

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