How to survive self isolation from someone who knows what it's like !

Posted: 02/04/2020

In these diffcult times, we think that Terry Waite has some wise words. Terry Waite was held hostage for 1763 days in appalling conditions in Lebanon. That's 5 years - give or take a few days!

Waite was the Assistant for Anglican Communion Affairs for the then Archbishop of CanterburyRobert Runcie, in the 1980s and working as a hostage negotiator. As an envoy for the Church of England, he travelled to Lebanon to try to secure the release of four hostages, including the journalist John McCarthy. He was himself kidnapped and held captive from 1987 to 1991.

Here's his story on youtube.

In today's predicament, his advice rings a chord for us.He just told us all to stop complaining!!!

Change your mindset he said,  you're not STUCK at home, you're SAFE at home  #TerryWaite

His advice:

  • *Keep your own dignity - get out of your PJs!
  • *Form a structure for the day
  • *Be grateful for what you have - shelter, home, possessions
  • *Read and be creative

Live for now and live for the moment! Mentally adjust. "There is little I can do to change the situation, so make the most of the time." "Maintain your dignity and hold your head up high."

We are SAFE at home not STUCK at home. Reframe the way we think. Interesting advice in these difficult times.

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