London - Travelling for Business or Pleasure?

Posted: 19/10/2018

The last thing a traveller expects when arriving in London is to meet a Police Imposter.  Whether travelling on business or for pleasure it is important to be aware that criminals are abusing our trust of the Police in the United Kingdom.

Impersonating a police officer has become a common occurance in London for criminals.  Imposters working either as a pair or individually and will seek out unwitting tourists and can be dressed in fake police uniforms or plain clothes (insisting they are working undercover) and may demand to see passports and wallets.

They may quickly flash fake ID or badges to prove their identity as a police officer and then go through your wallet or handbag to "search for counterfeit cash".  They then let you go after they have taken cash from you.

They are not afraid to do this in public and can be very convincing.

In the event of being stopped by police officers in a public place, you are entitled to do the following:

1.  Do not hand over any cash, passports or wallets - if the officer wants to search you, they have to give grounds for their search - if you are unsure, you can call 999.

2.  Ask to see the police officer's wallet cards - this is a formal police ID and they have to show you.   The wallet card is split into 2 parts, the first part is a metal badge of the official Metropolitan Police logo with brail lettering either under the badge or on the reverse side of the wallet.  The second part is the police ID card with a photo and an offical warrant number.

3.  If the officer does not show this or you are not happy and suspect that this might be a fake ID - then call the police on 999 and report the incident immediately.

4.  You can ask the police officer which police station they work at - you can then call that police station to confirm they are who they say they are.

5.  Gauging the safety of the situation , you can also offer to go to the police station with the officer to provide your details there.

Any of these actions will usually encourage any imposters to leave you alone altogether.

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