Our training is even better post Covid 19

Posted: 20/07/2020

We have never gone away! We have quietly been teaching online in webinars as well as updating our training to fit the new way of working and ensuring our trainers are ready for when Lockdown lifted.. 

We are delighted to announce that we are ready to start bringing our training back to your staff, as flights open up to far flung places again. All our courses are now Covid 19 compliant and we have taken extra precautions to protect you and our trainers.

We can now offer our full range of courses

Hostile Environment Training

First Aid and trauma training

Crisis Management training

Level 2 and level 3 First Aid for Mental Health. partnering with Better Bodies UK to deliver this important course, which we can run at your location.

If your staff are worried about travelling, we are now offering a speciialist Travel Safety and Security course, which will address how to travel with the Corona Virus still hanging over us; how do you prepare and keep yourself safe. All our First Aid training will cover how to save a life whilst keeping yourself safe from the virus at the same time. We can specifically cover how to write a risk assessment as well as plan for your overseas trips.

We are also offering our niche courses for Training of Trainers overseas, and we are still blazing the trail to ensure that you have local capacity amongst your staff, so they can teach in their own languages. Contact us if this is something we can assist you with. Our skilled qualified teachers are not only amazing teachers, but will coach and mentor your staff to adapt their teaching to the environment that they have to teach in. We have years of experience all over the world, teaching in high tech environments as well as in low budget classrooms where having electricity is a bonus!

We are also working hard at our consulting tasks, working out what is on the Horizon in terms of threats and risks, as well as assisting you to find solutions for your security strategies. We are wroking with security teams to ensure that your projects are kept on track, so let us take the strain and review your contingency plans; it is easier to get an outside pair of eyes to review your organisation and make recommendations to improve it; it meanst you can do your "day job" We can ensure that your plans will work, we can try them and test them. 

Please give us a call for a friendly chat to see how we can help you get back to work, with your staff feeling safe as well as confident in what they have to do wherever they are in the world.

Contact Andy for more information on [email protected] or call +44 1225 290210


Juba - South Sudan RPS Partnership

Indonesia - Medical professionals whom RPS Partnership trained to be trainers, teaching basci skills post Covid. RPS Partnership.

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