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Revealed: The 50 most dangerous cities in the world


12 March 2018 - RPS Partnership

South and Central America currently dominate a list of the most violent cities on earth, with the United States and South Africa also making an appearance. 

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Los Cabos, in Mexico, has been named the most violent city in the world according to a new report, with Caracas, in Venezuela and Acapulco in second and third.

Of the top 50 cities, 42 of them are in South America.   In the United States, the cities of St Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit also made the list, with Cape Town, Durban and Nelson Mandela Bay, of  South Africa appearing in the top 50.  Jamaica, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala also featured.

The list was compiled by Mexican anti-violence think-tank Seguridad, Justicia Y Paz (Security, Justice and Peace) and ranks each city according to homicide rate per 100,000 residents.

Brazil was the country which featured the greatest number of times, with 17 cities on the list, followed by Mexico, Venezuela and the United States.

The highest-ranked North American city was St Louis, Missouri, which came in at number 13 with a homicide rate of 65.83 per 100,000 residents. The other three to feature were Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit.   One city from Guatemala, Puerto Rico and

Jamaica also appears in the rankings, as do three from South Africa.

Below is a list of the top 20 most dangerous cities as compiled by Seguridad Justicia Y Paz: 

1. Los Cabos – México 11 Vitória da Conquista - Brazil
2. Caracas – Venezuela 12 Culiacán - México
3. Acapulco - México  13 ST. Louis – United States of America
4. Natal - Brazil  14 Maceió- Brazil
5. Tijuana - México  15 Cape Town – South Africa
6. La Paz - México 16 Kingston - Jamaica
7. Fortaleza - Brazil  17 San Salvador - El Salvador
8. Victoria - México  18 Aracaju - Brazil
9. Guayana – Venezuela 19 Feira de Santana - Brazil
10. Belém - Brazil 20 Juárez - México

11. Vitória da Conquista - Brazil
12. Culiacán - México
13. ST. Louis – United States of America
14. Maceió- Brazil
15. Cape Town – South Africa
16. Kingston - Jamaica
17. San Salvador - El Salvador
18. Aracaju - Brazil
19. Feira de Santana - Brazil
20. Juárez - México

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Read the full article at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5481483/42-worlds-50-violent-cities-South-America.html

Photos: RPS Partnership - Brazil - the favellas of Rio de Janeiro. Daily life in Mexico - Cojocoan