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RPS Partnership gets great feedback from its latest courses


20 February 2018 - RPS Partnership

We have had a busy month with two courses running after each other and we are proud to say that all our feeback was positive with some ideas for what to add for future courses.

Feedback from our courses is extremely important to us and we always listen to it so that we can continually improve our courses. We learn from the comments and pointers from each of our delegates, whether they are experienced or new to travel overseas. Every comment is important to us.

We thought we would share some comments with you to give you a flavour of how our training is received. Our next course is 19-21 March 2018. Contact us to reserve your place info@rpspartnership.com

"I just wanted to thank RPS Partnership and in particular your trainer Kev, for the training we received from you.

Kev is extremely knowledgeable in his field and an extremely effective communicator. The training was thorough and comprehensive and was of great benefit to our staff (who are now in Sudan) and also to myself and the other attendees.

I would definitely recommend RPS to others in the future."

"I loved the practical exericses and the standard of instruction was excellent; a 10 out of 10".

"This has been extremely useful and I general feel I am equipped for what may come".

"I enjoyed the outdoors stuff – particularly how to look for cover and what to look for".

" I would love to learn how to change a tyre".

We are going to offer this option on our next training course, as an additional module for anyone who is not sure of how to do this. We listen carefully to what the feedback says.

We hope that you will never need our training  but you can contact us or future support whilst travelling if you need it. We offer this support to all those who have attended our courses.

Take a look at our pictures in our gallery to see one of the courses we held in February this year. Click here. 

Our next course is in  19-21 March 2018, so do get in touch and ensure that we have confirmed your place. Our email address is info@rpspartnership.com and we can get in touch if you have any questions. Our flyer for the course is attached.

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