"RPS Partnership visits a local Family Business as part of the Chamber of Commerce Placement Scheme"

Posted: 06/08/2019

6 August 2019 - RPS Partnership

"RPS Partnership and Ginger Bakers work with Growth Hub as part of Family Business Placement Scheme"

That was the title of an interesting experience that we at RPS Partnership, recently had when we visited Ginger Bakers to learn how other businesses grow and mature. Take a look a the article that was written in the News and Star. 

Cumbrian businesses are being given the chance to learn from established firms as part of a Family Business Placement Scheme. Run by Cumbria Business Growth Hub, the aim of the scheme is to allow the firms to share their knowledge so it can be practically applied to a variety of business scenarios. Lisa Smith, owner of Ginger Bakers based at Plumgarths, Kendal, signed up to the scheme earlier this year. 

Lisa also worked with Caroline Neil from RPS Partnership, based in Cockermouth, a specialist risk management and security consultancy that delivers training to businesses which operate in complex, remote and hostile environments. They spent time comparing notes on business growth, development and cross sector opportunities; including contingency planning, risk mitigation, training and crisis management. Lisa said: "It’s not easy for anyone wanting to turn a passion into a business. "It may be the ultimate dream, but that dream doesn’t come easily. "You have to work at it and inevitably there will be challenges along the way.

"Fortunately, in Cumbria small and medium sized businesses don’t have to go it alone.

"The Family Business Placement Scheme increases their chance of success with access to the business knowledge and guidance of experienced professionals, who like me have been through this cycle.’’

Caroline said: "The Family Business Placement Scheme is an unmissable chance to share issues and ideas, gain valuable insights, broaden skills, experience and understanding and develop ideas to help your business grow and be more competitive."

Other businesses sharing their knowledge as part of the scheme include Out of Eden, Thomas Graham, Playdale Playgrounds, Lakeland Retreats and Armstrong Watson.

RPS Partnership will be continuing to work with other local businesses to assist them to grow and to swap advice and support on being successful in the future.

Contact us on [email protected] for information on local First Aid courses and risk management.

Photo: Managing Director, Caroline Neil, running training in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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