Self Defence for the Real World

Posted: 14/02/2022

Well, the new year has started with a bang. We decided to update our trainers, so they can deliver more support to organisations whose staff are struggling with managing conflict, suffering harrassment, assaults and violent attacks. We found this course, so all three of our lead trainers attended and passed the Qualification Network United Kingdom (QNUK) regulated qualification (RQF) at Level 2 entitled “Self Defence”.

Developing our survivability on the street is what the course was all about!

Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID)

On their website, RAID says

"Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) is a uniquely different approach to modern self-defence and conflict management through advanced scientific research supported by core principles that have been pressure tested in the real world. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Armed Forces, which has become one of the effective learnt systems today by both Military, Security and Civilian sectors. This unique system has been designed to follow a systematic 5 step process, which you can learn and retain in such a short space of time. The RAID system has been created to give you a balanced recipe, to successfully defend yourself and provide heightened confidence in dealing with violent confrontations.

The self-defence training course has been designed for men and women that need to increase their confidence and survivability on the streets of today, without impeding on the demands of life. It is a practical course requiring active participation if comfortable.

At RPS Partnership, we know a "thing or two about training", so we were amazed at how the concepts taught are non-gender, age or physical prowess based and the online learning was one of the best I have done recently, said Caroline Neil.

Our Head of Training, Cath Mossom, said,

"If you have got time to attend a course then this has got to be the course !

A totally different concept and approach to defending yourself. No gimmicky techniques that you will forget in a couple of days time, but simple, achievable concepts that really work no matter on your age, or gender. Having attended numerous self defence courses over the last 25 years; this is the one course that I walked away at the end, feeling confident that this concept does actually work.

Thank you Tremaine Kent, a dedicated, passionate instructor for a very knowledgeable, practical and fun filled weekend. Loved every minute of it." High praise indeed from such an experienced trainer.

Caroline Neil of RPS Partnership said'

"Well, I can't rave about this course enough. Having attended all sorts of self defence courses over my 30 years career, from knife fighting on a plane to the police personal security training, this is by far the best yet. Tremaine's passion is second to none and the techniques he teaches are sensible, proportionate and easy to remember. They don't rely on brute strength, something which is important for women. We are sending three trainers on this course, so we can update ourselves to be able to run short training sessions for our clients on our courses. It' all about empowering staff to manage conflict and deescalate prior to having to use force, if necessary. I highly recommend this course for individuals and also for organisations who have qualified trainers."

Take a look here for what we got up to on the course.

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Photos: RAID and RPS Partnership

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