Supporting journalists in the USA

Posted: 16/06/2020

We have had a busy week to kick June off. Our Head of Training, Cath Mossom and  Caroline Neil, our MD, have been working with American and foreign journalists to raise their awareness of safety whilst covering the demonstrations and protests in the USA.

Cath in particular has worked closely with the International Womens Media Foundation, and over 3 days, trained 300 journalists from McClathy; working with them to keep themselves safe. Using interactive webinars we have covered planning, risk assessments, situational awarenss and police tactics, together with using PPE - personal protective equipment. All  important subjects when caught up in the midst of protests.

She also trained 60 journalists and media support workers from CUNY (City University of New York) as well as supporting Kat Duncan from the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Missouri School of Journalism.

We are proud to be helping the teams in the USA as they go about their work and we are keen to ensure that they all stay safe and go back to their loved ones.

This week we are again working with IWMF and will be taking our virtual training one step further to teach basic medical skills so that journalists can treat the types of injuries that may be sustained in a protest. This will the first time we do this, so we'll let you know how this goes. We'll also be training the Philadelphia Inquirer how to safely cover demonstrations and protests.

Contact us if we can be of assistance to conduct trainnig for you and your organisation. We are very innovative and inventive in the way we can deliver at this time. We are conducting training using a blended learning process of trainer led dicsussions, virtual chat rooms and whiteboards as well as practical exericses in your home.

Contact us on [email protected]

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