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Posted: 29/10/2018

Some great feedback from Tom at Superfolk Films based in London, we did their Hostile Environment Training in September before they left for Northern Syria, glad you are safely back and that the training helped

The Story.....

"We are a film production team specialising in human interest documentaries and had the daunting prospect of our story taking us out to Northern Syria in October 2018.

Not only did we require the Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) certificate for our insurances with the broadcaster, but we needed more general awareness of the risks we might face and how to react to them in a worst case scenario.

Training Course (UK)

I spoke with most of the team at RPS and they were all brilliant. Really helpful, professional and ready to tailor a course to our team’s needs. The course itself was excellent and definitely prepared us all for the shoot.

Our instructor Ryan was highly experienced, very engaged with what we wanted to achieve, and committed to helping us learn a huge amount.

Thank you to the whole team at RPS and we look forward to sharing the final film with you."

More Information?

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