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Travelling to Tunisia as an independent female traveller


23 March 2018 - RPS Partnership

RPS Partnership is supporting the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Chiron Resources on the ground in Tunisia, training Libyan colleagues who are training to be trainers, supporting the freedom of the press in Libya.

Our female trainer has never travelled to Tunisia before and wanted to share some thoughts with us. She has sent this report from the ground and gives you her impressions. She writes...

Travelling to Tunisia as an independent female traveller

" I initially didn’t know what to expect from North Africa. The amenities on the plane where basic, food, drink and alcohol was provided, but we didn't get the latest blockbuster to entertain us".

"Tunis Airport was clean and efficient.  Prior to passport control they required me to complete an immigration form, which was translated into English for ease.  The queues where relatively short, and I was treated with courtesy throughout.  The airport loos were clean and our bags were first off the plane, so all in all much less stressful than Gatwick Airport... 

Once through immigration although the airport was busy, it was easy to find my way through and I was left to get on with my own business." 

My hotel is of European standards and possibility even better. The staff are courteous and rooms are clean.  My room is very large for a double room, with a powerful shower over the bath.  Wifi connection is very good and I am  happily able to multi-task on-line throughout the day and evening.

The staff and security around the hotel complex are always willing to help and a number speak good English and most speak excellent French.  The variety of the food and dining options available is fantastic. I have spent a few evenings sitting in one of the hotel bars without any hassle, just chilling after a busy day.

So far, I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone I have met in Tunis and I can’t wait to come back again.

Contact us for travel advice or assistance in Tunis on info@rpspartenrship.com

Photos: RPS Partenrship in Tunis and with our Libyan trainees