Webinar Courses during COVID 19 times

Posted: 09/04/2020

RPS Partnership is commited to running high quality and tailored training to all of our clients. In these unusual times, we are offering to run webinars for groups of staff so that you can reamain current and ready to travel once restrictions are lifted.

We are now offering 3-4 hour training programmes via zoom or any other communications method your organisation uses. We can group subjects into modules if you would prefer.

You get to chose the subjects that are most relevant to you.

Here are some ideas of what we can offer via webinar for your individual travellers:

  • Planning and preparation for overseas travel
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Assessments
  • Personal Security and Hotel Security
  • Digital Security
  • Weapons Awareness and hiding from shooting
  • Terrorist Attacks - what to do
  • Surveillance Awareness - recognition of how you become a target, what to do if you are being followed
  • Kidnap survival and unlawful detention
  • Vehicle Checkpoints - military, police, secret police
  • Landmines - how to avoid and what to do if you get caught near one
  • Road Traffic Collisions - what to do in your own country as well as overseas
  • Emotional Welfare - work related stress and Post Traumatic Stress and Disorder. Aftercare and selfhelp as well as signposting to assistance
  • Heatlh and Hygiene when travelling

We can also offer assistance for your organisation. Now is a good time to look at your contingency planning and look to update your crisis management plans. Let us help you. We can review them, advise and look to analyse your gaps. We can talk to you via a webinar to support you.

Please contact Andrew on [email protected] for more details and to chat over what your requirements are. We will ensure that we tailor your training to suit what you need during these uncertain times.


RPS Partnership working in Bali - we'll be back soon!

RPS Partnership working in the favellas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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