What does it mean to be an Intern with an organisation??

Posted: 28/10/2020

What does it mean to be an intern?

"There are positives as well as challenges", says Tom Jenkins, who has been an intern with RPS Partnership since August 2020; both full time for 6 weeks and now one day a week til Christmas.

RPS Partnership worked with James Bailey in 2013-2014, and he assisted us in researching and writing travel advice guides, risk assessments and security assessments for clients on businesses worldwide. This was our first experience of helping a young graduate get work experience and he has gone on to forge an impressive career thus far.  

Tom has now completed 3 months and he has written this great reflective piece for us. We hope you find it interesting if you are considering giving an undergraduate or graduate a chance to get their foot on the career ladder.

Tom continues, "For me, the internship at RPS Partnership has been one of the best opportunities I will have as a university student aiming to build a foundation of experience alongside studies. The position at RPS has provided me with a fulfilling role – knowing the work I do is being utilised in the professional, working world has been a key motivator for me.

Both Caroline  and Andrew  have guided and taught me the various processes and structures within the company, opening my eyes as to how a top Security Risk Management and Training company runs. From short conversations, to longer tutoring-style sessions etc, the professionalism and expertise from them always rubs off and I have consequently learnt a lot from them. This has played into the overall most positive and amazing experience. The experience I have gained, work I have completed and the exposure to the real world, has made me even hungrier to continue learning, hungrier to build experience and to be as well-established as possible, coming out of university for a career in this industry."

Tom believes that the only way to get a job at the end of his degree is to get work experience and to make himself attractive to any future employer. 

"The harsh realities of the working world today, is that academia as a standalone achievement doesn’t always suffice to establish a career in your desired field of work. I believe marrying work experience with academic knowledge is the foundation to kickstarting a career following university. An internship like this, I hope, will provide me with an additional stepping stone into the Security and Training sector. Not only this, I have also been fortunate to expand my network; connecting with other professionals across the industry and having conversations with some very interesting individuals. Caroline has pointed me to various webinars and workshops which have also provided a platform from which understanding, and experience can grow. I found them all extremely informative and beneficial, so huge thanks!"

What challenges did you experience during your internship thus far?

"There have been challenges along the way. But without them, growth isn’t possible. The process of being pushed out of your comfort zone and learning to manage time is a tremendous help in improving adaptability and will set me in good stead when presented with challenging tasks in the future. COVID-19 has also been and continues to be in the forefront of all business operations. However, it has been unable to disrupt the internship programme, due to the effective use of online communications and virtual work. Only minor practical opportunities have been affected, like getting to meet people in person and going to observe face to face training. With fingers crossed, I am hoping I may be able to do this in 2021, as more training becomes possible.

Final Thoughts

Despite the slightly cliché tone; I truly cannot encourage and recommend enough to pursue work experience in your desired, future field of work. Grasp any opportunity which may present itself to you - whether another student in the same position, or anyone trying to consolidate themselves within an industry for that matter. I am confident that this intern position at RPS Partnership will go on to play a greatly important role in shaping my future career pathway.

Tom finished by saying "Finally, I cannot thank Caroline and her team enough for providing me with this opportunity, taking time to guide me and build qualities and experience that wouldn’t have been possible any other way. Both herself and Andrew have been great to work for and alongside."

Contact us if you would like any more information about Tom's experience and need to know more about what an asset he has been on [email protected]

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