Women in Safety Excellence - leadership training in Kenya

Posted: 25/10/2021

This weekend on 23 October 2021 we (RPS Partnership) were proud to run our fourth online security training sesssion for our amazing colleagues in Kenya, all collaborating on a security and leadership programme with Women In Safety Excellence (WISE) organised by the fabulous Secretary General Monicah Kimeu and her team.

"Leadership as Women" was explored by my colleagues and friends who are all giving their time to help us work together with our Kenyan friends; learning from each other as we exchange thoughts and ideas on leadership in the security industry as well as in other sectors.

Huge thanks to Anna-Liisa Tampuu ASylClaire McQueenEllie Bird LenawarunguClaire Shepherd and Lesley Hall, who have led teams, smashed glass celings and have thought long and hard about what you would tell your "younger selves".

As Mr Nelson Mandela said....."Lead from the back and let others think they are in front".

High praise indeed from Monicah Kimeu on Linkedin

"Lots of shared experiences, lessons learnt and explored life journeys. Caroline Neil your approach to training is eclectic and we love it. Thank you Claire ShepherdAnna-Liisa Tampuu ASyl, Lesley Hall, Claire McQueen and Ellie Bird Lenawarungu for being such an inspiration. Together we learn and reflect on each others journeys and as a result we are able to grow, learn and unlearn."

See you next month for our last session. Thanks to everyone who came and to those who freely gave their time to help us at RPS Partnership.

Please email us if you have any queries on training or security consulting on [email protected]

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