Zimbabwe - Update

Posted: 29/07/2018

29 July 2018 - RPS Partnership

We have a contact in Bulawayo who is sending us news from the local town. The update from Zimbabwe is below and is really important if you are travelling there in the next couple of days. Some things to know before you travel, but contact us if you have any more questions on [email protected]

In Bulawayo, thre is no cash anywhere. Locals have to queue to get 50 Bond Notes. "Bonds" are supposed to be the same value as $US but of course this is not the case.

Hospitals are clean but have no supplies and there is a shortage of good Doctors and Surgeons; so make sure you have a good plan for medical emergencies.

Avoid money changing on the black market with people who you don't know. 

On a cheerful note the weather is perfect; sunnry, warm and no rain!

Life is carrying on as our photos show. Police roadblocks still in operation on the outskirts of cities, but roads are quiet.

More Information?

Enjoy your travels and contact us if you need any assistance [email protected]

Photo: With thanks to: G.B in Bulawyao, Zimbabwe

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