Zimbabwean Elections

Posted: 27/07/2018

RPS Partnership -  27 July 2018

Zimbabwean Elections

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Zimbabwe faces an historic election that is the first without Robert Mugabe, who led the Southern African nation since independence from white minority rule in 1980 but stepped down last year under military pressure amid a ruling party feud. Elections in Zimbabwe are scheduled for Monday, 30 July 2018.  During the election period an increase in political activity is expected, including political rallies and demonstrations, in all parts of Zimbabwe.

Due to the current sensitive nature surrounding the elections, we have some simple top tips here and we advise that you take extra care when out and about:

  • Don’t take photographs of members of police and armed forces personnel
  • Don’t take photographs of demonstrations and protests
  • Avoid political activity, or activities which could be considered political, including political discussions in public place
  • Make sure you carry identification documents with you such as your passport and driving licence at all times.  Do not violate the conditions of your visa.
  • Be vigilant, especially after dark.  Make sure your vehicles and accommodation are secure.
  • The availability of fuel in Zimbabwe fluctuates, keep cars topped up with fuel and carry sufficient fuel with longer journeys
  • Make sure you have cash available as ATMs are not always reliable
  • Be aware of where your nearest Embassy, consulate or high commission is situated in case you need to get there in an emergency

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With thanks to: G.B in Bulawyao, Zimbabwe

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