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Conflict Management Skills Training

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RPS have frequently been asked to deliver Conflict Management and "Disengagement Skills" training to a wide range of clients, journalists, executive travellers, lone female workers. 

Two of our trainers have attended a Conflict Management & Physical Interventions Skills course and we have been offering these courses for all our clients and as part of our courses. 

You may need these skills for working in difficult situations or for working in challenging environments. Going into a refugee camp if you are an NGO worker, covering a demonstration if you are a journalist, working at night in a foreign city if you are a business man or woman

These courses can be delivered for male only or female only courses. They will include the identification of simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk for all parties as well as developing positive relationships and interactions

The training will allow students to identify positive alternatives to physical intervention and understand the importance of only using physical intervention as a last resort. They will be taught non-aggressive physical skills to protect themself and others from intentional and un-intentional assault. It follows a legal approach to conflict management

The "Disengagement Skills" training is a practical based course focusing on how to teach simple safe techniques that anybody can apply, no matter what size or gender

We can run Conflict Management and Disgengagement Skills courses separately in their own right or incoporated together over one or two days. We are also now adding these skills to our portfolio of courses and can integrate these subjects into our other RPS Partnership training programmes; these may not necessarily be certificated

We can design what you want and need for your staff. We will listen to you and offer you a bespoke course programme

All RPS trainers skills are kept updated, within legal guidelines and are covered by appropriate insurance

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