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First-Aid Training

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Emergency First-Aid for Working Overseas

This will loosely follow a First Person on the Scene Basic programme but will be very much adapted to what you are doing, where you are going and will include elements of dealing with severe trauma. Our experienced trainers have seen many types of emergencies and can pass on their experience to you. 

We take everyone back to basics as not everybody can always remember what they have been taught. We refresh memories and ensure that you have the basic skills to keep someone alive. We teach you how to improvise when you don't have your first-aid kit with you. We also teach subjects such as how you keep someone alive when there is no ambulance coming, how you stop severe bleeding, how you treat someone who has been burnt in an explosion or been shot by a lone gunman. 

We either fit this around hostile environment training or can run it as a stand-alone course. We can also run this as a certificated course if required.

Medical Training for complex, remote or hostile regions

We can run any type of medical training from basic first-aid, to remote & hostile environment trauma training. Courses can be tailored to the client and the duration can fit the client’s time schedule. Training is hands-on, practical and can be country specific.

Examples of modules covered; Basic first-aid, road traffic accidents, environmental health, travel health, tropical emergencies and ballistic injuries.

We can run advanced trauma courses using our qualified paramedics who are also able to offer the accredited and certificated First Person On the Scene (FPOS I) if you require this.

Whether you are going to Ecuador, Eritrea, Egypt or East Temor the skills are the same just adapted to suit the environment and the level of emergency response that may or may not be coming. We know this because our trainers have worked in most of these places. Take a look at our experirenced consultants.

First-Aid for the Workplace

First-aid provision in the workplace saves lives.

It can prevent minor problems or injuries from becoming major ones. It can help employers reduce costs from injury.

It is a legal obligation for every employer to ensure their employees receive the right first-aid care in the workplace.

Emergency First-Aid at Work Course (EFAW)

One-day course for smaller low-risk workplaces. Emergency First-Aid at Work (EFAW)Certificate - valid for 3 years and accredited by AID Training (UK)

Who should attend? 

Nominated emergency first-aiders or anyone wanting a comprehensive 1-Day first-aid.

What you will learn? 

Basic life-saving, first-aid and workplace Health & Safety regulations, according the the EFAW syllabus.

First-Aid at Work (FAW)

3-Day course for initial qualification, the a half-day refresher each year. Accredited and certificated.

Who should attend? 

Nominated workplace first-aiders or anyone wanting a comprehensive introduction to first-aid.

What you will learn? 

The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first-aid emergency in the workplace. You will then be eligible to be a nominated First-Aider at your workplace.

We adapt each course to the work that you do and try to ensure that we cover the types of inuries you may face. We also look to see how we can ensure that your first-aiders can get the emergency services to the casualty, especially if you work in remote locations such as a farm or industrial site. 

First-Aid at Work (requalification)

2-day course to re-qualify existing first-aiders. Accredited and certificated.

Who should attend?

This course is for people wishing to renew a valid First-Aid at Work certificate.

What you will learn? 

The course aims to update and refresh your knowledge of the First-Aid at Work syllabus whilst allowing time for revision and practice sessions in preparation for a final assessment.

More Information?

Email us on info@rpspartnership.com or contact us on +44-(0)1225 290210 for more information, we will call you back

Photo: First Aid training in Erbil, Kurdistan/Iraq

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