Medical Training

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RPS Partnership delivers tailored first aid and medical training, with each course adapted to the work that you do.  Training can be tailored to your organisation and the duration can fit your time schedule. We offer a wide range of emergency medical, first aid and trauma training courses which cater for the environment and culture that you may find yourself in. All training is hands-on and practical, and can be country specific. All courses are covid compliant.

RPS Partnership can take you back to basics, as not everyone can remember what they have been taught.  We can refresh memories and ensure that you have the basic skills to keep someone alive.  We have the ability to teach you how to improvise, keep someone alive when no ambulance is coming, how you stop severe bleeding, and, how you treat someone who has been burnt in an explosion or been shot.

First Aid Training

First aid provision in the workplace, wherever in the world that may be, saves lives. It can prevent minor problems or injuries from becoming major ones. It can help employers reduce costs from injury. It is a legal obligation for every employer to ensure their employees receive the right first aid care.

Our First Aid training is suitable for the UK or those working overseas. They can be certiticated to UK standards or designed with a certificate of attendance.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – UK - this course is now back in the form of face to face training held in the UK (south of London) or at your work location.

This is a 1-day course for low-risk workplaces. Accredited and certificated to Level 2, valid for 3 years. basic lifesaving, first aid and workplace health and safety regulations, according to the EFAW syllabus. This course shows you how to deal with everyday emergencies that may happen at work.

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – Overseas 

This 1-2 day course will follow the Level 2 programme above but will be adapted to the country you are working in and the types of accidents that may happen there. This course will show you how to deal with everyday emergencies as well as including some basic trauma injuries such as those encountered in a road traffic collision or during a terrorist attack.

First Aid at Work (FAW) – UK or overseas 

This is a 3-day course and the Level 3 certificate is valid for three years, with the recommendation of a half day refresher each year. Accredited and certificated, according to the FAW syllabus. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first aid emergency in the workplace and allow you to be eligible to be your organisation’s nominated First Aider.

Advanced First Aid and Trauma Training

Advanced First Aid and Trauma Training is designed for organisations and individuals who need that extra training in trauma to be able to deal with emergencies and injuries encountered whilst travelling or on assignment.  We also offer remote medical training for the jungle, arctic and desert environments.  We adapt each course to the work that you do, your medical evacuation plan and any other local conditions overseas that may impact your staff and the types of injuries that they may face. These courses will be run by our paramedic trainers.

Advanced Trauma courses

These are designed for your First Responders and emergency medical staff and run by our qualified paramedics. Please enquire, so we can chat through what you need to achieve.

Courses are tailored to your organisation’s needs and the duration can fit local working schedules. Training is hands-on, practical and always includes simulation and scenario training. Our experienced trainers have seen many types of emergencies and can pass on their experience to you.

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