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Off-Road Driver Training


Together with Ultra Adventure Driving, RPS has access to over 10 private off-road driving sites in Shropshire and also some of the other finest off-road facilities situated in other parts of the UK. We have a wide variety of sites in terms of size, terrain and features. 

RPS and Ultra Adventure Driving have two off-road sites that were purpose built by leading 4x4 vehicle manufacturers and one off-road site that we have designed and built ourselves. Others are on natural unspoilt land in spectacular settings.  Some of the terrain is non-damaging to vehicles whilst others are very challenging -some are virtually impossible to negotiate and present an extreme challenge. We also have access to a skid training facility.

Our training area is situated very close to some of the biggest mountain ranges in Wales, including Snowdonia and the Berwyn Mountain range.  So we have mile upon mile of green lanes, ancient rights of way, rough roads and remote spectacular scenery. Good rail links serve the area and there is good choice of hotels for all budgets.

RPS offers BORDA and ROSPA accredited training, as well as our own “in-house” training for those who don’t need an accredited certificate.

Any type of off-road training can be considered; from driving, to winching and self recovery. As always, RPS likes to tailor the training to the exact needs of the individual, group or company and we will devise a syllabus to ensure that the highest level of training possible is provided.  

Have a look at our training here http://youtu.be/VqBKsHkqH6A

Contact us for more information info@rpspartnership.com

Photo: Stuart Walker in North Wales working with RPS.

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