Online Training for those organisations working in challenging environments

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Exciting New Course

As everyone is coming out of their varying Lockdowns around the world, we need to get ready to start travelling again. Some of us, have been travelling for essential work during these difficult times, when it has sometimes been necessary to still travel.

Do you need to start travelling?

Not travelled since Covid-19 stopped your travel?

Not sure or forgotten where to start and even forgotten how to pack your suitcase? (only joking!)

Do you need training to deploy on an overseas assignment to medium or high-risk locations?

Do you need your Hostile Environment Training (HET)/ Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) qualification but want to take advantage of blended learning?

We have now developed an exciting new course for our travellers who plan to head off to challenging environments, and the great thing is that they can do this training in their own home or in the office in our virtual classroom. The thing we love the most about the virtual classroom is that you can be anywhere in any time zone; we organise the whole thing for you via our online platform. We always make it interactive and use videos, breakout rooms, whiteboards and various other techniques to make you think you are still in a real classroom. It is definatley NOT death by powerpoint!!

For organisations with staff overseas, where travel to the UK is not possible

Option 1 - 6 hours (Generally 2 x 3 hours)

This may be as a refresher or for staff who would like to cover more of the planning and preparation side of things for a specific assignment or project. However this can be tailored to what you want. If you have a preference of what you would like us to cover, then do chat to us. We design what you want and need. 

Option 2 - 2 days (Generally 4 x 3 hours)

During the 2 full days in the virtual classroom online, we cover many of the subjects we would cover in face to face training, but these are up to you. We chat this through with you and ensure that we design a course which suits you and your staff. to give you some ideas, they are listed below.

  • Planning and preparation
  • Journey Management 
  • High Impact Crimes
  • Abduction / Hostage Situations
  • Weapon Awareness and terrorist situations
  • Mines / IEDs / UXOs
  • Medical training (EFAW) and Remote Trauma
  • Health and Hygiene during travel
  • Natural and manmade disasters

For Organisations who are based in the UK

Option 1 and 2 online courses above are available and in addition, we can provide Face to Face training for the First Aid skills training.

Option 3. Hostile Environment Training course - 3 days 2 days online and 1 day face to face (UK) - designed to cover all our subjects, with the face to face day being the First Aid element allowing them to gain the Level 2 EFAW certificate - training location is near Bracknell (South of England) or in Cumbria (North of England)

Option 4. First Aid and Trauma for journalists Face to Face (UK) - 1 day - allows those who need to get back in date with their Level 2 EFAW certificate to do so, as well as those who feel rusty and want to do a refresher. Training location is near Bracknell (South of England) or in Cumbria (North of England)

How do I train staff in First Aid?

If they can come to the UK, we can run a full 3 day course. If travel restrictions make this difficult, then we wil help you and suggest the subjects you may wish to cover on a First Aid course in your own country. We can often assist you to find a First Aid trainer, as we have contacts worldwide.

We can reassure you, chat over your trips and ensure that you have the confidence to start travelling again, safely and sensibly.

Our Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom allows you to run any concerns by our experienced trainers and we make it personal, so small groups of 6-12 people. We recommend 6 hours (2 x 3 hours, with plenty of breaks), but we can adapt if you have less time. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of attendance and access to our online handouts and videos.

Our MD, Caroline said, "It was weird travelling at the beginning as you saw noone in the ariport, a cross between spooky and thinking that the world had ended. I saw noone from when I parked my car to when I got to the x ray machines. Even though I am an experienced and frequent traveller, it made me think about my personal security more than usual".

Contact us for more information on how we can assist your organisation on [email protected]or call us on + 44 (0) 1225 290210