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Travel Security Training

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This 1 to 5-Day Travel Security & Awareness Training course addresses the issues associated with ensuring your own safety whilst travelling on business or leisure in hostile or dangerous environments. There can be an element of medical training incorporated if you wish. 

We can also deliver practical advice on personal safety in everyday environments such as the UK as a stand-alone course or as part of any general training. 

We also offer a tailored 1-Day PSAT course (Personal Security Awareness Training) which we have designed to meet the requirements of the oil and gas sector; specifically working in the Middle East and North Africa. Travel to Libya would be a separate course - see hostile environment training.

Evacuation planning and training from pre-conflict and post-conflict countries

We also offer training in how to prepare and then write evacuation plans from pre, conflict and post-conflict countries.

We find that programmes can be from 1-5 days, depending on your experience and how large your organisation is.

We often offer this as a consultancy and mentor you alongside us. By having robust evacuation plans in place, it will enable you to safely move all staff out of the conflict area to a safer location, whilst continuing to keep the business running and protecting people and assets. Sometimes it may be safer to stay put and we can show you what you need to have in place if you are going to include this in your plan. 

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Photo: RPS working in Jordan with an oil company in a classroom based training session.

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