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"Giving you peace of mind in a challenging world"

Consultancy with RPS Partnership

RPS Partnership offers a range of consultancy on Contingency Planning, Crisis Management and Travel Planning. We also offer Pattern fo Life Studies for your overseas staff; both local and international staff.

Security Planning and Risk Mitigation

With the increase risk in global threats, having the right security in place has never been so important. Whether it is in this country or overseas, we can review and update all of your protocols. We can also conduct realistic checks to prove that all your counter measures from physical to IT security mitigate the risks

We can assist you to write your threat assessment and your risk assessment for your business. We can advise you and write your security procedures and protocols

We will ensure you are in a good position to mitigate against your major risks so you are compliant with your insurance. That way fulfill your duty of care to your staff.

Contingency and Crisis Management Planning

‘Plan for the worse, hope for the best ?’ In the event of any and all occurrences we must be ready to:

Contain – Control – Communicate

Contingency planning is key to remain ahead of the market when the disaster strikes be it natural, a manmade tragedy or even a terrorist attack. Westgate, Charlie Hebdo, Tunisia all spring to mind in 2015.

The ability to use the correct skills to control a crisis and remain focused to keep an open mind with a calm manner and clear leadership style, when those around you need direction.

Our crisis management consultants will train you in the art of communicating effectively as well as actively listening to all involved. We show you how to plan for a crisis and how to deal with one if it happens.

We can write plans for you or assist you and guide you in the writing if you wish. Crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity are all areas we specialise in. We also have extensive experience of undertaking evacuations out of failing countries; Libya and Lebanon to name a few. If you need advice on how to put together an evacuation plan, we can help you.

Sometimes it is easier to get an outside pair of eyes to review your situation and make recommendations to improve it. That way nothing is missed and your plans remain robust and will actually work. We can combine this with our Crisis Management Training package if you wish to take advantage of meshing the two areas of risk mitigation. 

Travel Planning

We are being asked more and more to assist in the planning and preparation stages for travel to medium and high risk locations. We can help you to get your risk assessment process right, so your staff travel out and back safely.

As part of this, we can train and assist you to respond if something happens in the field, what do you advise your team to do?

We can assist you with your planning whether you are travelling alone or as part of a professional organisation. We also offer training for travel to complex, remote or hostile environments.

We look at your concerns and try to get you answers you want to ensure that you and your loved ones get peace of mind when you are travelling to remote or hostile countries.

Pattern of Life Studies (PoL)

A PoL Study is where our consultants review what your staff do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Do they set patterns, and are they aware of their surroundings and how to take action when they think they need to change something in their lives?

It is a study of their home lifestyle, their social life and family lives, their social media profile, their domestic comings and goings and who has access to their homes.  It is geared around the busy person and is generally more beneficial if carried out on a one to one basis. It works very well with locally employed staff, as they can sometimes be complacent about their own security.

RPS Partnership has already carried out these types of studies in Kenya and the Ukraine and received excellent feedback on their individual sessions. All found the sessions useful, practical without scare mongering. They liked the common sense approach and advice offered.

PoL studies can be carried out by male or female consultants, depending on what is considered more
beneficial to staff members.  It can also be carried as a stand alone project or with our personal security awareness training

More Information?

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