Personal Safety and Security for you and your family

Our consultants will review what you, your family or your employees do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with the overall aim of increasing awareness of individual personal security at home and at work.

"Pattern of Life Studies"

We identify if you set patterns, are aware of your surroundings and how to take action when you think you need to change something in your routine?  We study daily patterns such as home life, social life, family life, social media profile, daily comings and goings and who has access to your home or work environment. 

We can carry out our studies with international or national staff who are vulnerable or high profile. It is generally more beneficial if carried out on a one to one basis with the staff member and their family.. It also works very well with locally employed staff, as they can sometimes be complacent about their own security, living and working in a difficult place where the security risks are changing on a daily basis.

These studies can be carried out by male or female consultants depending on what is considered more beneficial or culturally appropriate to yourself, your family or your employees. Our common sense approach with sensible advice ensures our sessions are useful and practical without scaremongering; we find solutions to your staff's invidivual security needs. 

High Net Worth individuals and your families

We chat to you about your worries and what keeps you awake at night. Then we can either run tailored training with you in your own or with your family. We can do this either face to face or online if it is easier for you or you are located around the world. We find 2 hours can cover the basics and we can follow up to address specific issues if required.  We know time is precious to you, so we keep it as short as you need.

Travel Security for Female Travellers

 We can focus our tailored training either face to face or online to cover travel safety as a female, personal travel awareness, female risk profiling and some helpful practical solutions for if your female staff are targeted.

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