Training Of Trainers

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By investing in Training of Trainers (ToT), you can build capacity and create an enduring impact. RPS Partnership’s ToT programme provides stimulating and relevant training for existing or new trainers. Empower them to train in their own language.

This progressive programme provides an excellent basis for those who are new to training – we build confidence to ensure they are equipped with the right skills to deliver any type of training in any environment. We develop the underpinning knowledge of experienced trainers and coach and mentor them to excel as teaching staff.

Subjects Covered

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Trainers
  • Learning Styles, Emotional Intelligence and their impact in the classroom
  • Planning Skills
  • Training styles and communication
  • Practical Teaching Skills – using basic and advanced participatory techniques
  • Feedback and Evaluation
  • Reflection and evaluation of delivery

Our trainers are all qualified as teachers and trainers, as well as being knowledgeable and experienced in the key tenants of Training of Trainers in complex and challenging environments. They have delivered training around the world and can adapt training packages to your requirements. In particular, we can provide mixed gender training teams or gender specific training to deliver programmes and courses that suit you and your organisation.

RPS Partnership firmly believe that investing in Training of Trainers allows the opportunity to build capacity and create an enduring impact on staff and projects. 

RPS Partnership have seven qualified teachers (male and female) who have experience of delivering ToT courses worldwide and empowered national trainers worldwide, including in Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Brazil, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Finland, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia and Libya.

ToT can be delivered in English or in other specific languages/dialect working through translators and interpreters using simultaneous interpreting equipment.  If training delegates have English language at level2/GCSE equivalent or above and the course is taught in English then there is the option of the accredited award of a Level 3 in Training & Education.

These courses are tailored to individual organisations and we can offer two levels of training programmes.

Level 1

Introduction to Training of Trainers – 10 days

This is designed for new trainers and those who want to upskill their teaching skills. They may be rusty or needing a bit more confidence.

Level 2

Advanced Training of Trainers – an additional 10 days, where we can mentor trainee trainers and provide feedback, assist them to develop courses and ensure that their training materials are ready for their courses. Depending on the subjects, we can upskill trainees.

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