Crisis Management Training

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If we prepare today, then we are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. RPS Partnership provides stimulating and realistic training.

Crisis Management Training

    1. 1-2 day workshop- training leadership teams
    2. 1-2 day workshop - supported scenario training
    3. 1-2 day workshop – test scenario exercise
    4. 1 day workshop – Crisis Communications
    5. 1 day workshop – Family Liaison and Support

What is crisis management?

Crises arise from many different causes but, regardless of the trigger, there are severe consequences of a crisis for an organisation itself and its stakeholders. In the extreme, a crisis can threaten the continued existence of the organisation.

A crisis presents opportunities for the well-prepared organisation to emerge stronger than before. When a crisis hits your organisation are you prepared to continue with business as normal?

  • Development of a crisis management plan
  • Identify, form and develop a fully operational team ready to deal with a crisis calmly and with clear leadership
  • Train spokespeople to effectively communicate your message when under pressure
  • Install confidence to deal with the media and social media
  • Continuous improvement to protect your staff, your shareholders and the organisation’s brand and reputation

At the end of any crisis... What will you be remembered for?

Crisis Management Training

We can help you to develop and maintain a crisis management capability, in order to minimise the likelihood of crises occurring and to manage them effectively should they occur.

Our crisis management training is designed specifically to help incident management and leadership teams to develop their crisis management capability, both individually and collectively. Our training takes many different formats including executive briefings, presentations and workshops.

Simulation and Desk Top Exercises

Putting your plans into action! Ensuring everyone from senior management to the front desk, internal and external stakeholders understand protocols and procedures. Within a controlled environment you can identify and make improvements to deal with a crisis. We run all types of training from supported learning for new teams to test exercises for experienced management boards.

Family Liaison Training

When a crisis hits, ensure everyone is kept informed. Knowing that families will be supported; empathy is a human value in a time of uncertainty. Designed for junior and senior management as well as those with a Human Resources function. If you may have to deal with a family in a time of crisis, we can guide you towards getting it right. It may be an injury, death or the kidnap of a loved one. Your guidance will be critical to how the family and your staff are supported during this difficult time.

Crisis Communications

Did you say the right thing on a difficult day?

Being able to communicate effectively during a crisis saves time and prevents a bad situation getting worse. Dealing with key stakeholders as well as the media, this course is designed for anyone in media relations, public relations and middle and senior management. Whether you are in the field or in the Headquarters, our workshops build the skills and confidence to communicate effectively and shows you how to get your “key messages” across when under pressure thus keeping your reputation intact.

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