Crisis Management Training

“The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad, it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.”

Andy Gilman, President & CEO of Comm Core Consulting Group

Crises arise from many different causes but, regardless of the trigger, there are severe consequences of a crisis for an organisation and its stakeholders. In the extreme, a crisis can threaten the continued existence of the organisation.

At the end of any crisis, what will you be remembered for? 

Our training is designed specifically to help incident management, crisis management and leadership teams to develop their crisis management capability, both individually and collectively.   If you have to deal with a family or individuals in a time of crisis, your guidance will be critical to how they and your staff are supported during this time.

Our training takes many different formats including executive briefings, media and public relations, presentations and workshops.  Whether you’re in the field or at Headquarters, our workshops build the skills and confidence to communicate effectively and how to get your “key messages” across when under pressure, thus keeping your organisations reputation intact.

Crisis management training should be progressive; beginning with presentations and workshops before moving on to exercises as the team grows in ability and confidence. It is designed to improve the individual and collective ability of incident management teams to deal with disruptions.

Crisis Communications

Did you say the right thing on a difficult day?  Being able to communicate effectively saves time and prevents a situation getting worse.   This course is designed for anyone in media relations, public relations and management.

Whether you are in the field or in the Headquarters, our workshops build the skills and confidence to communicate effectively and get your “key messages” across dealing with key stakeholders as well as the media when under pressure.

Family Liaison Training

Our tailored training has been designed to provoke organisations in to thinking about how to support the families of their staff during a crisis.  

This can be for any event from a minor injury, to a life threatening or fatal injury through to detention or evacuation, kidnapping or hostage taking.    We help your organisation  understand how a crisis unfolds, define the roles and responsibilities of your organisation and each of your teams during a crisis.   

We will help you work on your communication strategies on how to best deal with the families and how to assist them in every way as you work through the legal procedures, answer their questions and support them emotionally.

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