Online Training for working in challenging environments

Do you need training to deploy on an overseas assignment to medium or high-risk locations?

Do you need your Hostile Environment Training (HET)/ Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT), but would prefer to take advantage of blended learning?

We have now adapted our HEFAT courses and can offer online courses. We can offer 1 and 2 days courses, designed for those who want to do the security and planning element but who may choose to do their First Aid in their home country. We usually make our online/vitual classes of 6 hours duration each day as this is the optimum time for concentraton levels.

Our online courses are designed for those who plan to head off to challenging environments, but where time is often short, and you need to do a shortened tailored course, which could be face to face but may also prefer to attend this training in your own home or in the office within our virtual classroom; which we offer in groups or on a one to one basis.

The thing we love the most about the virtual classroom is that you can be anywhere in the world in any time zone; we organise the whole thing for you via yours or our online platform. We always make it interactive and use videos, breakout rooms, whiteboards and various other techniques to make you think you are still in a real classroom. 

We can offer top up training for practical subjects like First aid after if you require it. We can come to you and run the training at your location.

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