Risk Management Consultancy

Reivew and Audit Contingency Plans

We can conduct an overview of your security and risk mitigation procedures by reviewing, assessing or auditing your current contingency plans.   We can also assist and train your existing security team to increase their knowledge, whilst mentoring them in order to build their capacity and capability. However, if you would prefer, we can write your security procedures and protocols and advise how best to implement our plans, in collaboration with your team and whilst facilitating learning at the same time.

The end state is to ensure that you are in a good position to mitigate against your major risks so you are compliant with your insurance, whilst fulfilling your duty of care to your staff and your business.

Write Contingency Plans

‘Plan for the worst, hope for the best ?’

We specialise in dealing with crisis management, disaster recovery and business continuity in complex environments and we have experience of undertaking evacuations out of countries at a time when they were failing; Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon to name a few.

If you need advice on how to put together an evacuation plan, we can help you. We can ensure that these plans will then work as we will work with your organisation and staff to test and rehearse these plans with them, in case the worst does happen. 

Post Incident Reviews

Sometimes in life, despite taking all precautions and having robust procedures in place, wrong place, wrong time does sadly happen. If you have had a near miss incident/near fatal accident and want a fresh, discreet pair of eyes to look at how things unfolded, we can sensitively take a look in the form of an external post incident review.

Our consultants have extensive training and most importantly experience in this field. We will chat to the staff involved, find out their thoughts, their feelings and work with them and you find out exactly what happened without apportioning blame or responsibility.

This type of review allows all of those impacted by the incident to get closure whilst allowing your organisation to take a holistic look at what went right, what went wrong and what could be improved upon. This then allows the Senior Leadership Team to look at what they needed to change to build resilience for future operations and projects.