Risk Mitigation and Consulting

Travel Planning and Risk Mitigation

The spectrum of our risk mitigation consultancy is wide; ranging from independent risk assessments of your offices and projects to security and contingency planning.

We offer our services and support in 5 key areas

1. Review and Audit Contingency Plans

Let us conduct an overview of your security. An independent pair of eyes. We can review, assess or audit your contingency plans. If we identify any gaps, we will provide the solutions that you need to save your business money and keep your staff safe.. 

To give you an idea of the breadth of our expertise, we offer analysis and assessment of your mitigation strategies and planning, independent assessment of the most suitable locations for offices, life support camps and field deployments. 

We can assist you to write your threat assessment and assess the risks which are ever present to your staff, operations and assets We can also assist your security team to do this or mentor them to build their capacity and capability. If you prefer we can write your security procedures and protocols  and advise how best to implement your plans.

We will ensure you are in a good position to mitigate against your major risks so you are compliant with your insurance. That way fulfill your duty of care to your staff and your business.

2. Finding you solutions

Let us run a Risk Radar workshop for you to mentor and guide your staff. With the increase risk in global threats, having the right security in place has never been so important. We can help your international or national staff to understand their roles in the security framework as well as work with them to empower them to conduct realistic checks to prove that all your counter measures to mitigate your risks. If you would rather us find the solutions to your security issues, then we can work with you to do this.

We can also embed consultants in the field to assist you with your projects to ensure that your security needs are taken care of.

3. Contingency Planning

‘Plan for the worse, hope for the best ?’ In the event of any and all occurrences you must be ready. 

We specialise in dealing with crisis management and disaster recovery/business continuity in complex environments. We also have experience of undertaking evacuations out of countries at a time when they were failing; Libya and Lebanon to name a few. If you need advice on how to put together an evacuation plan, we can help you.

Sometimes it is easier to get an outside pair of eyes to review your situation and make recommendations to improve it. We can ensure that your plans will work, we can try them and test them. 

4. Personal Awareness Planning for your staff

Pattern of Life Studies (PoL)

A PoL Study is where our consultants review what your staff do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with the overall aim of increasing their awareness of their personal security. Do they set patterns, and are they aware of their surroundings and how to take action when they think they need to change something in their lives?

It is a study of their home lifestyle, their social life and family lives, their social media profile, their domestic comings and goings and who has access to their homes.  It is geared around the busy person and is generally more beneficial if carried out on a one to one basis. It works very well with locally employed staff, as they can sometimes be complacent about their own security.

PoL studies can be carried out by male or female consultants, depending on what is considered more beneficial to staff members.  It can also be carried as a stand alone project or with our personal awareness training.  Our common sense approach with sensible advice ensures that staff find our sessions useful and practical without scaremongering. 

5. Post incident reviews

If you have a near miss incident and want a fresh, discreet pair of eyes to look at how things unfolded, we can sensitvely take a look in the form of an external post incident review. We will chat to the staff involved, find out their thoughts, their feelings and working with them and you find out exactly what happened without apportioning blame or responsibliity.

An example of this was for an international NGO, when they had two deaths in the organisation and a global media organisation when one of their photojournalist was killed. Our reviews allowed staff to get closure on the incident, allowed the organisation to look at what went right and what could be improved and allowed the senior leadership team to look at what they needed to change to build resilence for future operations and projects.