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Our advice travelling to Saudi Arabia as a female traveller


16 January 2020 - RPS PartnershipWe asked our expert - "is it safe to travel to Saudi Arabia as a lone female traveller" The reply was interesting so we thought we would bring you the advice."It is wise to ask about travelli...

RPS Partnership agrandi sa capacité de formation en Afrique de l'Ouest


30 December 2019RPS Partnership est ravi d'annoncer son partenariat avec AACCES Developpement Niger, une société de formation basée au Niger. Ce partenariat solide veut dire que nos clients pourront suivre une formation en s...

Niger - Hostile Environment Training - 20-22/February 2020


After a highly successful 2019 we are now offering courses in Niger with our partners in Niamey, ACCESS Development.These new courses (as advertised on Relief Web) for 2020 kick off in February, this course is the second of ...

Niger - Hostile Environment Training - 17-19/February 2020


After a highly successful 2019 we are now offering courses in Niger with our partners in Niamey, ACCESS Development.These new courses  (as advertised on Relief Web) for 2020 kick off in February, this course is the first of ...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - 10-12 February 2020


After a highly successful 2019 running courses at our training centre near Bracknell, we are now taking bookings for our course next February 2020. Please note that we only have a maximum of 12 places available so book early...

Lebanon - RPS Training Team just back from running Hostile Environment and First Aid Training


Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT)Cath and Nick have just returned from a 4-day HEFAT Course at the Grand Naas Hotel in Bikfaya, Lebanon where they ran training for a group of 16 journalists working in the re...

Hostile Environment Training Courses (UK) - Dates for 2020


2020 Course DatesWe now have dates for 7 x Hostile Environment Training Courses in 2020. If you have a group and want another date, please contact us.January     Monday 13 - Wednesday 15 January (RPS-J2001/01)February   Mond...

AidEx 2019 - Bruxelles, Belgium


RPS Partnership attended this year's AidEx 2019 in Bruxelles - a two day event on 13 and 14 November 2019, which encompasses a conference, exhibition, meeting areas, awards and workshops. Its fundamental aim was to engage th...

RPS Partnership expanding its training base into West Africa


26 November 2019 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is delighted to announce our partnership with AACCES Development Niger (AACCES), a training company based in Niger.This strong partnership will mean that our clients can be t...

The Most Dangerous Countries in the World for 2020


 19 November RPS PartnershipA recent article in the Daily Mail revealed the most dangerous countries in the world for 2020.  Libya and Somalia are the riskiest and Nordic destinations are the safest.Countries that have the h...

Digital security - crossing borders and getting through checkpoints


RPS Partnership - 4 November 2019Whilst teaching digital security updates for our Hostile Environments Training (HET and HEFAT), we have signposted our delegates to the Rory Peck website, for further information. There is so...

Egypt - Sharm el Sheik travel ban has been lifted


22 October 2019 - RPS PartnershipAir travel to Sharm el Sheik - EgyptThere has been a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation in Egypt  for the last couple of years. Following the crash of a St Petersburg-bound flight ...

Personal security for female travellers - an insight by RPS Partnership's Head of Training


15 October 2019 - RPS Partnership"I have been delivering HEAT courses for over a decade, during which time I have listened to numerous experiences from my course participants; of all gender and race." says Cath Mossom - RPS ...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - 04-06 November 2019


We are now taking bookings for our November course.Need some Hostile Environment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify and deal with "tricky" situations wh...

Are you a journalist or humanitarian getting ready to head to the Bahamas - to cover the storms?


2 September 2019 - RPS PartnershipNatural Disasters As we watch the powerful storm hitting the Bahamas region, we are hoping that everyone gets through it alive. Hurricane Dorian has hit the Bahamas as a powerful storm with ...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - 07-09 October 2019


We are now taking bookings for our October course.Need some Hostile Environment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify and deal with "tricky" situations whe...

Well-Being Wednesday


20 August 2019 - RPS PartnershipCaroline Neil, Managing Director of RPS Partnership attended a Mental Health First Aid course last week, here is what she says...."I have just finished my 2-day Mental Health First Aid course ...

Dengue Fever Alert


7 August 2019 - RPS PartnershipTravellers should take precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites following the declaration of a national dengue alert in the Philippines on 15th July. 106,630 cases have been recorded from...

"RPS Partnership visits a local Family Business as part of the Chamber of Commerce Placement Scheme"


6 August 2019 - RPS Partnership"RPS Partnership and Ginger Bakers work with Growth Hub as part of Family Business Placement Scheme"That was the title of an interesting experience that we at RPS Partnership, recently had when...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - 02-04 September 2019 PLACES AVAILABLE


29 July 2019 - RPS PartnershipOur 3 day UK HET courses are designed for those travelling to and working in difficult, remote or challenging locations, low-intensity conflict and high crime areas as well as areas where there ...

Heightened Threat for all travellers to Kenya


10 July 2019 - RPS PartnershipAnyone travelling to Kenya at the moment and the foreseeable future, needs to be aware that there has been a specific threat made by the terrorist group, al Shabaab, against those living, workin...

The SheTravel Launch


The SheTravel website was launched at an evening gathering in Fitzrovia in central London last night. Briefly, it’s a subscription service, a women-only network and online web-based forum for female travellers to share infor...

What you can do if someone goes missing abroad


19 June 2019 - RPS PartnershipThe British Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FCO) has an interesting article with advice on what to do if a colleague or loved one goes missing abroad. We thought we would share this with you. It is...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 8 - 05-07 August 2019


We are now taking bookings for our August course.Need some Hostile Environment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify and deal with "tricky" situations when...

Bombing in Giza Egypt - read our helpful advice


28 May 2019 - RPS PartnershipGiza BombingAt RPS Partnership we train people to understand hostile environments and to know what to do in a variety of situations.  If you or your staff are planning a trip to Egypt (or any oth...

“How can companies develop programmes which enable female employees to safely and effectively conduct business?”


3 May 2019 - RPS Partnership37 articlesCaroline Neil, Managing Director of RPS Partnership, was asked to speak on a panel this week at the Duty of Care Conference in London. The room was filled with an impressive array of pr...

Are you travelling to Abuja - Nigeria?


24 April 2019 - RPS PartnershipOne of our trainnig teams has just returned from Abuja, Nigeria and we thought her top tips on travelling there would be interesting for anyone planning to go there for work or travelling. Pls ...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 6 - 03-05 June 2019


We are now taking bookings for our June course.Need some Hostile Enviornment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify uncomfortable situations when home and a...

Travelling to Indonesia: we bring you some safety tips!


10 April - RPS PartnershipTravelling to Indonesia?Indonesia is a popular tourist destination, and one which is visited by hundreds of foreigners each year. The culture, the weather and the sandy beaches are a huge draw to th...

Are you or your staff planning to travel to Brunei?


8 April 2019 - RPS PartnershipWe bring you this great article from Healix who provides a look at sending LGBT staff to Brunei in the coming months. Contact us if you plan to travel there and need advice or training on info@r...

A new website launched for women travellers


24 March 2019 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership has been working with Northcott Global Solutions to shape training for Lone Female Travellers and we would like to showcase their fantastic new website. We are very excited abou...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 5 - 13-15 May 2019


We are now taking bookings for our May course.Need some Hostile Enviornment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify uncomfortable situations when home and ab...

Travel to Pakistan


27 February 2018 - RPS PartnershipWe bring you a short snippet of information if you are travelling to Pakistan or India this week. RPS Partnership has just returned from Islamabad and is happy to chat informally if you have...

Training of Trainers (ToT) Courses - Worldwide


As the RPS Partnership team, we are pleased to announce our latest 10-day Training of Trainers (ToT) programmes, designed for your national staff to run training courses in their home countries in their own languages.Now you...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 04 - 01-03 April 2019


Need some Hostile Enviornment Training? Want to feel comfortable with your First Aid skills?Want to feel confident that you can identify uncomfortable situations when home and abroard?We are now taking bookingsWhen?Monday 01...

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 03 - 04-06 March 2019


Course bookings now being taken for our March courseWhen?Monday 04 - Wednesday 06 March 2019Our 3-day Hostile Environment Training courses are designed for those travelling to and working in difficult, remote/challenging loc...

Egypt - Travel Safety Tips


With the security issues that North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa are recently finding so challenging, we thought you may like to hear about the thoughts of one of our female trainers, who recently worked in Egypt. She offer...

Gabon - Military seizes national radio station in apparent coup


7 January 2019 - RPS PartnershipThe StoryAn unspecified number of soldiers have seized control of the national radio station and broadcast a message at 0430 hrs local time saying they had seized control of the government. Lo...

Egypt - update as tourists are targeted again


29 December 2018 - RPS PartnershipYesterday, a tourist bus was targeted in a bomb attack in Egypt, near to the Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo, putting tourists yet again on the frontline of terrorism in north Africa...

A big thank you from the RPS Partnership Team


27 December 2018 - RPS Partnership2018 has been a fantastic year for RPS Partnership and as it  draws to a close, we reflect on where we have been and what we have been doing. It has been a busy year and we are looking forwa...

Nepal - Travel Safety Tips


Nepal is a thriving destination for a holiday or for business.  There are many NGOs supporting and working with the local Nepalese economy. The Infrastructure can be difficult to navigate, as soon as you leave main cities th...

RPS Partnership is Proud to be an Accredited Highfield Centre


On the 18th October 2018 Highfield won the ‘Awarding Organisation of the Year 2018’ at this year’s FAB Awards held in Leicester.  FAB – the Federation of Awarding Bodies – is the membership organisation for the UK’s circa 17...

Lebanon - International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) - HEFAT Course


Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEAT)We are delighted to finish our latest project in Lebanon. Organised by the ACOS Alliance, we trained local journalists from the region, who are working in difficult, remote an...

Syria - Superfolk Films - Journalists Just Back


Some great feedback from Tom at Superfolk Films based in London, we did their Hostile Environment Training in September before they left for Northern Syria, glad you are safely back and that the training helpedThe Story........

Hostile Environment Training (UK) - Course 11 - 03-05 December 2018


Course bookings now being takenWhen?Monday 03- Wednesday 05 December 2018This 3-day Hostile Environment Training course is designed for those travelling to and working in difficult, remote/challenging locations, low intensit...

South Africa - Travel Safety Tips


Whether travelling on business or pleasure the beauty and diversity of South Africa will result in an amazing once in a life time experience. Unfortunately, like any country in the world, South Africa has its fair share of c...

Mexico - Travel Safety Tips


Ever thought of visiting Mexico?  Mexico City has now become a major player on quite a few "Places to visit" lists.  International guidebooks and travel newsletters have recently begun to set their sights on this great city ...

Tunis - Hostile Environment Training Course - 02-04 December 2018


Minimum 4 peopleSunday 02 - Tuesday 04 December 2018 (3-days)This unique 3-day Hostile Environment Training (HET) / Hostile Environment Training and First Aid Training (HEFAT) course in Tunis, is designed for those working i...

Tunis - Hostile Environment Training Course - 27-29 November 2018


Minimum 4 peopleTuesday 27 - Thursday 29 November 2018 (3-days)This unique 3-day Hostile Environment Training (HET) / Hostile Environment Training and First Aid Training (HEFAT) course in Tunis, is designed for those working...

Hostile Environment Training UK - Course 10 - 19-21 November 2018


Course bookings now being takenMonday 19 - Wednesday 21 November 2018 (3-days)This 3-day Hostile Environment Training course is designed for those travelling to and working in difficult, remote or challenging locations, low ...

London - Travelling for Business or Pleasure?


The last thing a traveller expects when arriving in London is to meet a Police Imposter.  Whether travelling on business or for pleasure it is important to be aware that criminals are abusing our trust of the Police in the U...

Tuberculosis Around the World


Tuberculosis When travelling for business or pleasure, it is essential to check which vaccinations are required.  Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, killing an estimated 1.3 million people last...

Kenya - Travel Safety Tips


09 October 2018 - RPS PartnershipTravel to Africa is an experience everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Exciting, vibrant and chaotic as well as being frustrating, noisy and addictive all in equal measure. We ...

Common Travel Scams around the World


21 September 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership advises and trains travellers who go to far flung places; we know what you want and tailor training to where you are going and how you are travelling. Here we bring you an a...

August 2018 - A busy month for RPS Partnership


14 September 2018 - RPS PartnershipErbil, Kurdistan, IraqThis last month has been a busy month for RPS Partnership.  We spent some time in Erbil, Kurdistan conducting Hostile Environment Courses for a global NGO. Erbil is th...

Egypt - Security Alert (05/Sep/2018)


05 September 2018 - RPS PartnershipThis message has just been posted by the British FCO as a security alertThe US embassy in the Garden City area of Cairo has been placed on lockdown after a suspected bomb attempt yesterday ...

Indonesia - First Aid Training Skills


02 August 2018 - RPS PartnershipFour Medical Trainers from RPS Partnership travelled to Indonesia last month, specifically to Bali and Gili Trawangan island, where they successfully trained 96 medical first responders - all ...

Zimbabwe - Update


29 July 2018 - RPS PartnershipWe have a contact in Bulawayo who is sending us news from the local town. The update from Zimbabwe is below and is really important if you are travelling there in the next couple of days. Some t...

Zimbabwean Elections


RPS Partnership -  27 July 2018Zimbabwean ElectionsWe are running Hostile Environment Training for those travelling to Africa and other remote and often tricky locations. Our next course is 3-5 September 2018. Contact us for...

Measles outbreak reported in Libya


11 July 2018 - RPS PartnershipFor those travellers planning to work in Libya, we are advising you that there has been a measles outbreak, please see below for advice from our colleagues in Libya. Anyone requiring training to...

Safety Advisory: Covering Pakistan's election for the media


9 July 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is running its next 3 day Hostile Environment Training course 13-15 August with an extra 2 days if journalists require the 5 day course for conflict zones; this is a modular cours...

Russia - Travel Security Tips


19 June 2018 - RPS PartnershipTravel Tips for Russia – 12 June 2018The World Cup has started and tourists and journalists alike will still be making their way to Russia.  Due to the current heightened political tensions betw...

Do you need advice on travel to Eastern Africa - read on


8 June 2018 - RPS PartnershipCharlie McGrath of Objective Travel Safety recently went to Eastern Africa and wrote this report for RPS Partnership. An intersting insight into travel as a foreigner and some great impressions w...

RPS Trainers back from Egypt


30 May 2018 - RPS PartnershipTwo RPS trainers have just returned from Cairo, Egypt where they were conducting a Train the Trainer package for first aid over a 2 week period.Great job to our mixed team who did an excellent jo...

How thieves are stealing valuables as you go through airport security


29 May 2018 - RPS PartnershipHow thieves are stealing valuables as you go through airport security: Laptops, jewellery (and even loved one's ashes) are among the items vanishing from trays left on conveyor beltsRPS Partnersh...

DRC Ebola Outbreak


15 May 2018 RPS PartnershipDRC Ebola OutbreakThe World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed it is going ahead with an experimental Ebola vaccine to contain the most recent Ebola outbreak in the town of Bikoro, near Mbanda...

Deadly Day in Afghan Media history on 30 April 2018


9 May 2018 - RPS PartnershipA week ago, at least 26 people were killed in two bombings on Monday 30 April 2018 in the Afghan capital Kabul, including several journalists documenting the scene, making it one of the deadliest ...

RPS talks to Lovesport Radio - Live on Thursday (tomorrow) at 1030 UK time


02 May 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership talks to Lovesport Radio in London. Live on Thursday (tomorrow) at 1030 UK time.https://www.lovesportradio.com/...

Military Veterans Recognised For Their Business Achievements


17 April 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is proud to announce that RPS Partnership's Director, Caroline Neil, is amongst the finalists for Ex Forces in Business Woman of the Year.Here we bring you the article published...

2019 Hostile Environment Courses - Every Month!


11 April 2018 - RPS PartnershipWe are now offering course on the first week of every month of 2019! Are you a journalist, intrepid traveller or just want to learn how to handle yourself and situations in hostile places? Join...

6 more Hostile Environment Training (HET) Courses in 2018


04 April 2018 - RPS PartnershipAre you a journalist, intrepid traveller or just want to learn how to handle yourself and situations in hostile places? Join us on our awesome courses....We are now offering 6 more Hostile Envi...

Israel - Travel Advice for this weekend


29 March 2018 RPS PartnershipA mass march of Palestinians is set to take place throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) on 30 March 2018. Easter and Passover holidays will take place between 30 March and 9 April...

Travelling to Tunisia as an independent female traveller


23 March 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is supporting the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Chiron Resources on the ground in Tunisia, training Libyan colleagues who are training to be trainers, supporti...

Revealed: The 50 most dangerous cities in the world


12 March 2018 - RPS PartnershipSouth and Central America currently dominate a list of the most violent cities on earth, with the United States and South Africa also making an appearance.  RPS Partnership offers courses, such...

International Women's Day


08 March 2018 - RPS PARTNERSHIPAs  the world celebrated International Women's Day yesterday, we at RPS Partnership, wanted to recognise the wonderful work our female trainers are doing around the world working with some amaz...

Training in Lebanon


5 March 2018 - RPS PartnershipRPS Partnership is running its next Hostile Environment (HET/HEFAT/HEAT) course 19-21 March 2018, at our training school near to Bracknell, Hampshire. we are about 45 minutes from London Heathro...

RPS Partnership gets great feedback from its latest courses


20 February 2018 - RPS PartnershipWe have had a busy month with two courses running after each other and we are proud to say that all our feeback was positive with some ideas for what to add for future courses.Feedback from ...

Namibia: Hepatitis E Outbreak


RPS Partnership - 15 February 2018A new alert has just come in which we think you may wish to be aware of, if you are travelling in Africa. Contract us on info@rpspartnership.com for all your travel security questions and tr...

South Sudan youths attack journalists


6 February 2018 - RPS PartnershipNews Flash...here is the full articleContact us on info@rpspartnership.com if you are going to South Sudan as we are running a Hostile Environment Training course 12-14 February 2018.A foreig...

Hundreds of women at risk of 'stress' heart attacks, research suggests


6 February 2018 - RPS PartnershipWe run First-Aid and remote trauma courses for those working in remote, fragile and hostile environments. This interesting article below highlights how heart attacks in women are often missed...

Heading to Brazil for work or for the Carnival - read on


RPS Partnership - 31 January 2018Are you heading out to Brazil in the near future or planning to go to carnival which starts this week? Our Brazilian colleague and friend on the ground in Rio de Janeiro, Herculano Barreto Fi...

Jamaica - State of Emergency declared


20 January 2017 - RPS PartnershipFor those travelling or working in Jamaica, it is advisable to adhere to the latest travel advice given by the British Government.Contact us if you are in Jamaica and need assistance or are p...

Digital New Year's Resolutions


10 January 2018 - RPS PartnershipBased on the article we posted yesterday, we thought we would remind you of digital good practice. Many may say that this is so simplified, but we find that if people are not protecting thems...

Meltdown & Spectre: How to protect yourself from these CPU security flaws


9 January 2018 - RPS PartnershipWith the start of 2018, RPS Partnership is bringing you news of the latest cyber issue to hit our computers. You may find this information useful. If you need any further information, do conta...